There are a number of legal documents under  which The Landings and the various Landings neighborhoods operate.  The Eagle in researching a story found obtaining them both inconvenient to read, let alone possess, and more than a few dollars in cost.

In the belief that documents governing us should be both conveniently accessible, and inexpensive, The Eagle has obtained many of those documents and posts them here.

To read them you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader.  It may already be installed in your Internet Browser, or you may have to download it.  It can be obtained, free of charge, from the following link. 

Click here to get Free Acrobat Reader  

After you have obtained and installed it simply click on the document of interest and it will appear in the Reader.  You may also save and/or print from the reader.  Unfortunately some of the pages have been scanned enough generations  to make them difficult to read.  Printing them is equally problematic due to the multiple generations of scanning.

Should you care to have the documents from your individual Neighborhood Association placed here, making them more accessible to neighborhood residents, please contact the Landings Eagle.

State Law

Florida Law is the overseer of all regulation of Community and Condominium Associations such as those that gover the Landings.   These laws are designed to protect individual owners and the collective body.  

Florida Statute 718, all 80+ pages of it, covers the Condo owner and its association.  It can be found here:

            FLORIDA'S STATUTE 718.  Just click here.

It takes only 18+ pages to deal with Homeowner's and Homeowner's Association's rights..  They can be found here:

            FLORIDA'S STATUTE 720.  Just click here.

Open, public information is the best way to protect yourself.  Stay informed.

Documents -The Landings Management Association

DECLARATION OF MAINTENANCE COVENANTS AND  RESTRICTIONS ON THE COMMONS FOR THE LANDINGS - This is the Primary Document establishing The Landings and detailing the basic structure and land usage. (Dated May 16, 1980)


 This posting is NOT represented as definitive or carefully checked for completeness and accuracy of compilation.

 It is made available as a result of The Eagle finding it inconvenient to obtain a copy for casual reference, and unobtainable without double digit expenditure.

 As viewed here it should be considered a reasonable facsimile of document filed in the Sarasota County Clerk’s office, but should not, necessarily be construed as a totally complete, accurate and fully legible, legal document.

We apologize for the difficulty in reading some of the material, but hope providing it is beneficial.

Amendments, One - Twenty-eight, all known amendments, are all not available here.  They appear to deal with the addition of developments within The Landings such as “The Carriages Houses, Landings South, etc.”  They are not included because of their bulk, similarity of purpose to one another,  and the appearance they are not of general interest to Landings residents.  They are, of course available from the Sarasota County Clerk and possibly Landings management.  However most are not available as "scanned" documents on the County's Internet site, but would require searching at the courthouse and printing copies there at approximately $1.00 per page. .



Coming later:

Rules and Regulations (Largely duplicating the "Greenbook")

Miscellaneous documents