Landings Eagle Internet Policies

Names and photographs may be published on the site, including officers of the various associations. When known, e-mail addresses, with ability to send message from the site, will be included.   However, for privacy, addresses and phone numbers will not be posted. They are available to Landings residents in the annual Greenbook, and should be referenced there. 


Material is as accurate as possible.  Do not use for legal reference.  Consult you own attorney prior to taking any legal action based on material provided here. This material is provided as a service to Landings residents and should not be considered legal reference library. 

With the exception of "sponsored" pages all content of this site is the responsibility of the Eagle editor/publisher.   Sponsored pages may be produced by the Eagle, at the request of sponsors, but content is provided by the sponsor.

All material posted shall be considered Public Information.  Confidential documents will not be knowingly posted.

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