The Most recent LMA Documents Including Covenants, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws as Recorded in Sarasota County April 20, 2010

This page contains the most recently available LMA Documents including the Covenants, The Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws.  The revisions were intended to clean up archaic language and references. 
There are three separate "versions."  Please read the descriptions carefully
All are in PDF format are require a PDF Reader.   If you do not have one on your computer you may download it here free of charge.

After opening each PDF may be saved to your computer for future reference.
As Recorded and supplied by LMA Counsel - This version should be considered the "Final Version."

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Complete Package
As recorded and supplied by LMA Counsel, BUT made searchable by The Landings Eagle. This should not have resulted in any changes to content, but be advised to double check against version to the left.

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Complete Package
This version is a working draft of an earlier revision comparing the original documents to the revised documents.  It is supplied simply for reference and should no be considered a "Final Version."

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Each portion is a separate document


Articles of Incorporation