LRC, November Board  Minutes

by Barbara Pendrell, Secretary         

The board meeting was held on Tuesday, November 21, 2002. Treasurer Jere Berkey and Director Jack Jost were absent.

Director of Tennis Mike Smith reported that the Welcome Back Snowbirds round robin was a success. The next Shot of the Month will be December 6, 2002. Mike is working on an event for December 15,2002. Details to follow.

 A discussion was held regarding having round robins in the morning vs. late afternoons. Several ladies have asked Mike to set up a weekly round robin for those not on any Landings tennis teams. Same day/time each week.

In the absence of Treasurer Jere Berkey, Kevin Richards reported that the club continues in good shape. January through October 2002 the LRC is $19,000 under budget.

Club Manager Kevin Richards reported that the monthly court maintenance for November 2002 was done over the weekend of the 10TH - 13TH. Corrective action on some of the brick pavers should be completed within the week. Kevin will be meeting with the installer of the deck and distributor of the sealer on November 18, 2002 to try and resolve problems that were noted several weeks ago. The pool will be closed while work is being done - approximately 1-2 days.

Louise Greenfield, Brunetta Graham and Pat Shrope are planning a Variety Show to be held in January.

Old Business: Judy Greene, Bob Fernander, Joel Ebert and Kevin Richards met to discuss ways of reducing the Club’s liability. Several new signs will be posted around the club, pool, fitness center and nature trail. In addition, each family member will be asked to sign a general waiver to use the pool, spa and fitness center stating the use of the facilities will be done at their own risk.

New Business: Club Championship plaques - As the tennis committee is responsible for the plaques, it was noted that they need updated and moved to a more visible spot. If plaque is filled new plaques should be ordered. The hallway of the poolside clubhouse was suggested as a
place to hang updated plaques.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM. The next regular meeting of
your board of directors will be held December 17, 2002 at 2:00 PM.