LRC Board,  April 15, 2003

NOTE: DRAFT, un-approved , edited minutes

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 2:03 p.m. by Bob Fernander, President.  The following Directors were present: Bob Fernander, Colin Wendell, Jere Berkey, Barbara Pendrell.  Kevin Richards, club manager was present as well as Bill Sutton and Kim Ueding of Manasota Management.

Approval of March 2003 Minutes

Motion made by Colin Wendell to approve the minutes as presented. Seconded. Motion carried.  It was requested that the minutes be sent to Irwin Starr via e-mail as soon as the first draft is done.

Treasurer’s Report—J. Berkey:

At the current time the Racquet Club is $6,300 under budget.  But that number will change when the insurance is paid. The following money has been spent from the Capital Replacement fund:   $3,800 for Treadmill and bike. $10,600 for painting of the building. $11,500 for fence replacement, $9,700 for the necessary electrical upgrade,   Approved to be spent in the near future $900 for table & chairs, $1,000 for holding tank for irrigation.

The Board, Kevin Richards and Management will be meeting with the accountant Thursday, to go over the audit.

It will be necessary to evaluate dues structure to provide funding to replace the lights and fences on the tennis courts.

Manager’s Report—Kevin Richards

Monthly court maintenance will be April 26 & 27. Painting job is now complete. Major electrical work is now complete. New Airdyne bike was installed. Senior Doubles Tournament was last weekend and was a great success.

Landscape upgrade plans are starting to come in.

Fence job complete.

Committees Reports

Tennis—Lou Furlong gave a handout to the Board of Directors and reported: LRC Tournament went well. Cinco de Mayo will be held the morning of May 5, 2003

Member–Guest tournament was suggested. Women and men’s doubles will be different dates. The committee would like to see a practice wall and new ball machine.  The Board of Directors will look at the possibility of the practice wall. 

Motion made by Colin Wendell to purchase a 2nd ball machine, Seconded. Approved unanimously.

The Board gave the committee permission to look into a Summer Ladies League, 4.0 level with other clubs. 

The Board gave permission for a Tennis Exhibition, a  “pass-the-hat” fundraiser for Stacy Fonseca, sometime in Early May. It would feature an exhibition of singles and doubles with Stacy and probably Gigi Fernandez participating.

Members during the summer will be allowed to have 3 guests, after 11:00 am. (non-primetime)

Suggested that the Board look at the wording on some of the signs.

Pool & Spa—There is a leak in the line.  Sleuth has been contacted; the Pool Company will also try to find.

Social Program -“Jazz by Pool” has been cancelled. 

Landscaping—There have been a couple of proposals received. The first seems too high ($30,000.00) and the second ($6,000.00) didn’t seem high enough. The committee is contacting more landscape firms. This will be brought to the Board again at next month’s meeting.

Old Business

Everyone has paid teir dues.

New Business

“New” leak being located.

Chairs are very dirty and need cleaning.


Respectfully Submitted, Kim Ueding