Board of Directors Meeting

February 13, 2003


Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 2:03pm by Bob Fernander President.  The following Directors were present: Bob Fernander, Jack Jost, Jere Berkey, Barbara Pendrell, Judy Greene, Ralph Ricapito and Colin Wendell.  Kevin Richards, Club manager was present, as well as Bill Sutton and Kim Ueding of Manasota Management.


Approval of January 2003 Minutes

Motion made by J. Jost to “accept the minutes of Board of Directors meeting from January 16, 2003 as presented”. Seconded by Jere  Berkey. Motion carried unanimously.


 Treasurer’s Report

J. Berkey  gave the report. He reviewed the financial for January from the Management Company.


Manager’s report

K. Richards gave the following report:

a.                  Monthly court maintenance will be done this weekend.

b.                  Pressure cleaning started last Monday, Feb. 10, 2003. Painting will start on Monday, Feb. 17, 2003.

c.                  Created more space in the Treadmill room.

d.                  Significant changes have taken place in the LRC staff.

Lynda & Jason leaving.

e.         Bill Woodard will  be  doing afternoon court Maintenance and some       


Sheryn Deis will replace Lynda. She will be training the next 2 weeks and start full-time on March 4.

No longer offering full benefits, starting with Sheryn Deis.

e.                  Water cooler on tennis court will be repaired next week for $180.00.

f.                    Looking into a  3rd  heater for the pool. Another heater went out.  The Club is now dealing with some serious electrical problems.

g.                  Main Electrical  panel is not strong enough to deal with  what is required.  An Electrical  company is coming in next week to evaluate what is needed to get everything to run, without problems.


Standing Committee 

Pool and Spa

Jay Eisner gave the following report:

a.       Symbiont Service came out to propose some things that need done.

Proposal suggests re-doing some plumbing and piping, replace pump in lake, and installing the 3rd heater.  Install a Digitized Thermostat. Cost will  run $14,300.00.  Will be able to start the work in August  or September, pay 1/2 in  2003 and budget the other half for 2004. This does not inlcude the electrical work that also needs done.

Motion made by J. Jost “ to proceed with the work in the proposal at the cost of $14,300.00 to be paid half out of 2003 and half out of 2004 budget”. Seconded by R. Ricapito. Motion carried unanimously.


Social Program

Two chairperson Leslie and Lisa.  Only  two events planned so far:

1.      Valentines Day

2.      Meet the new  pro. Which will be next Friday the 21st from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.



Hazeltine is coming the 20th  to do walk-through and will then do a landscape design and proposal.  The cost for his landscaping design will run $65.00 an hour.



L. Furlong gave report.   He gave everyone on the Boaard a handout with everything, they are currently dealing with.  Some of highlighted items include:

Guest  fee and policy  discussed and will be dealt with in the future and then   

   brought to the Board  of Directors.

            Robbie gave the proposed schedule of new rates to the committee.


Fitness Center

R. Ricapito gave the  following  report:

·        Looking to re-arrange equipment

·        Treadmills – electrical circuits keep going out while in use. Treadmills are

   actually tripping the circuits.

·        Discussed utilizing the Sauna area to extend the fitness area.

·        Number of tennis players dwindling, looking at the future of tennis playing.



No report


Old Business

A.     Pool Heating proposal

Already dealt with.


B.     Staff Uniforms

Shirts that have been ordered, were shown to the Board. They will be white and  gray.  The shirts will be  worn with Khaki pants.


C.  Handicapped Pool Ladder

      Proposal for a 4-step ladder would be $700.00  plus installation. Another proposal

      would be $1,500.00  for ladder and installation. Long discussion about the reasoning

      for a handicap ladder.  Final decision was that the ladder is too highly priced when a

      handicapped person can easily get out of the water in the shallow-end on the steps.

     K. Richards will let the one person know that made the requesst that the Board of

     Directors had decided that the new ladder is not feasible.   For Handicap access- the     

     persons can use the stairs at the shallow end of the pool.

     It was also discussed, that the shower cannot be moved.


D.     Landscape Status

Already discussed.


E.      Other Items to be discussed

  1. Acoustic Committee will go to St. Thomas More Church to look at their acoustics.


New Business


A.      New Pro  Status

Contract is close to being finalized, will be discussed in the closed session.


B.       Father/Son & Super Sr. Tournaments

Will be  discussed in the closed session.


C.      Other items

1.      VCR – The VCR is eating tapes.  K. Richards given approval  to look into purchasing a VCR/DVD player to replace the  old one.




Meeting adjourned at 3:06 p.m.