LRC Minutes Meeting of January 16, 2003

The meeting went directly to a discussion regarding the temperature of the pool. Jay Eisner presented the board with a petition signed by Landings residents requesting that the pool be heated to a higher temperature and requesting the purchase of a third heater. Jay Eisner stated that the current two (2) heater system does not have the capacity to handle heating the pool from October - April and will not maintain a temperature of 82 to 84 degrees. By adding the third heater there should be some improvement during this time span. The cost of the third heater will be approximately $10,000 - $12,000 and approximately $50 - $100 additional each month for electricity. Several items discussed: the 2003 budget was done in September/October 2002. The budget will need to be reviewed to allow for allocation of monies for an additional heater. It has been unusually cold for a long period of time - will people use the pool with cool air temperatures? What will the electricity costs be? Jay Eisner will continue to do a more thorough study - get financing, need capital and operating cost. Ralph Ricapito will also work with Jay Eisner.

 Len Gumley has requested that the wording NO BALL PLAYING be added to an existing sign in the pool area. It was also recommended adding this request to the LRC Green Book.

 Club Manager Kevin Richards reported that court maintenance for January 2003 will be done the 25TH, 26TH and 27TH. Grouting around the "beam" of the pool was done on December 30, 2002. All known repairs have been completed. Proposed colors for the repainting of the LRC buildings have been selected by the Painting Committee headed by Ann Hall. Pressure washing and prep work should begin in the middle of February 2003. Total cost of the work should not exceed $12,000. A second refrigerator has been donated to the club and has been installed in the Lakeside Clubhouse.

 Several meetings of the Tennis Pro Search Committee have taken place. Criteria for the job description and compensation package has been developed and initial resumes reviewed. One candidate has been invited to hold a sample clinic and hitting session on Friday, January 17, 2003. The committee agrees that the club needs to take the necessary time to make sure the selection of the new Director of Tennis/Head Pro is a perfect match for the club. Request that the board look at updating and modifying the Green Book to reflect new operating hours of the pool/fitness center and to be more specific about pool and spa rules along with other areas that also need to be reviewed, including member E-Mail addresses and "up north" addresses. The board will look to The Eagle for assistance in this matter.

 Per the board's approval, a new treadmill has been ordered for the fitness center. The cost of upkeep on the treadmills is approximately $500. It was decided that this should be done and should be taken out of repairs. Kevin Richards would like to get a feel from the membership and board about selling the rowing machine (which gets little use) and adding a third bike. Treadmills, bikes and the stepper machine are the equipment most used by the members. To get a feel from the membership Kevin Richards will post a form requesting members to vote on keeping the rowing machine or adding a bike.

 As head of the search committee for a new tennis pro, Bob Fernander reported that the committee made up of Colin Wendell, Patricia Decker, Carole Welch and Bob Luxembourg had received a good cross section of resumes from area clubs. There were eighteen (18) resumes received and after interviewing several candidates it has been narrowed down to three (3). It is hoped that one of these candidates will be right for The Landings and be on board in the near future.

 Landscape Chair Ben Mayne has contacted Dennis Barth with Hazeltine Nursery in Venice. The charge is $65.00 per hour for design work. If that company is chosen to do the work they will refund half the charge. Guidelines to follow - make it minimal and maintenance free. In the beginning, have them back at least three (3) times per week to make sure plantings are in good shape. Put together a criteria of how landscaping should look - basically in front of club on Landings Blvd and covering up the power box. Colin Wendell and Kevin Richards will work with Ben Mayne on this project. They will prepare a scope of work and then ask for a design and cost. Budget approximately $8000.

 Dick Graham of the Tennis Committee requested that the December 17, 2002 minutes reflect the board's approval of $1000 for the LRC Club Championships. The Tennis Committee has OK'd the dates for the Club Championships as follows: Men's and Women's Singles - March 20TH - 23RD. Men's and Women's Doubles - March 27TH - 30TH. Mixed Doubles - April 3RD - 6TH. Awards Party - April 7TH. Registration forms will be in the Pro Shop. The cost of entering will be $15.00 for the first tournament and $10.00 for each additional tournament. Prizes for winners and runner-ups only. There will be a charge of $8.00 for those who wish to attend the awards party but did not participate in the championships.

 The Library Update "Party" will be held January 16, 2003 at 7:00 PM. Bring along a hardcover book to donate to the library and enjoy wine and cheese. A Talent Show will be held in the afternoon of Sunday, January 26, 2003 and there will be a Super Bowl Party in the evening.

 Old Business: It was discussed that the Eagle Review Committee is down to three (3) members consisting of Dee Ricapito, Nat Lehrman and Saul Lapidus.

 New Business: Staff member Jason Ryden would like to give golf lessons to Landings residents at a discounted rate, i.e., an individual(s) would pay for a one hour lesson, however, the lesson would be 1-1/2 hours in length. A poster will be put on the bulletin board with all pertinent information. No aggressive approach to members. As quite a few Landings residents play golf and The Landings holds an annual golf outing, the board approved this request.

 Regarding the previously discussed updates to the Green Book, Club Manager Kevin Richards and board member Barbara Pendrell have been asked to work on this project.

 By-Law changes (pageB-6, para 3&4) - the board would like to make the annual notification more efficient and streamlined. Should the board move back sending out the budget or move up the deadline for running for the LRC board? In doing so it would eliminate the need to do two (2) mailings. Board approval or member vote? The board will seek guidance on this issue.

 Treasurer Jere Berkey reported that the club's financial status is in good shape and all categories fall in line as projected one (1) year ago.

 The next meeting of your board of directors will be held Tuesday, February 18, 2003 at 2:00 PM.

 Submitted by Barbara Pendrell, Secretary