The monthly board meeting was held on Tuesday, August 20, 2002 with all  directors present. 

The meeting began with a continuation of a discussion held at the July 16,  2002 meeting regarding the playing status of Erik Luxembourg. It was agreed  that this request should have been brought to the Tennis Committee before it  was presented to the LRC Board. Bob Luxembourg read a letter addressed to LRC  members that clarified Erik Luxembourg's playing status. The letter will  become an official part of these minutes and will supercede the minutes of  the July 2002 meeting regarding this matter.

Director of Tennis Mike Smith advised the board he has interviewed for a  position at Laurel Oak Country Club. if he is offered the job, Mike will make  sure LRC has sufficient time to find a new pro and will work with the club to  help with the transition.

Treasurer Jere Berkey reported that the club is in good financial shape and  current monthly expenditures are in line with the established budget for the  year ending December 31, 2002.

Club Manager Kevin Richards reported that the paver brick project on the pool  deck has been completed and the application of a second coat of upgraded  sealer is scheduled for August 20 - 22, 2002. 

Another incident of bubbles in the spa prompted a discussion regarding the  possibility of the installation of a security camera and motion detectors to  deter vandalism. Tabled for further review.

Judy Greene presented to the board the plan to have a Newcomer's party where  "all" new residents of The Landings would be invited to hear about our  community from the LRC and LMA boards and also to meet other new residents.  This event is planned for Tuesday, October 15, 2002. 

A follow up discussion to a meeting held regarding the offering of an  alternative membership status prompted some questions. It was decided that  the LRC attorney would be asked to review this suggestion and advise the  board of his findings. 

Old Business: Regarding the replacement of the canopies around the pool, the  board was advised that the cost was more than expected. After receiving three  (3) bids from $2785 to $4508, the board approved the expenditure of $2785  plus a $200 contingency for replacing the canopies. Jack Jost was asked to look into the acoustical problem in the Lakeside  clubhouse. He has asked a sound architect to come to the club, take a look at  our current situation and give us some ideas of what can be done.

 New Business: Patricia Decker, captain of The Landings ladies 3.5 Tri -  Cities Tennis Team would like to see a challenge ladder format put in place  for the team to follow. This recommendation is OK along with following the  current procedures. The next board meeting will be held Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 2:00 PM.  

                                                                                                Barbara Pendrell, Secretary