Board of Directors Meeting

August 19, 2003

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 2:01 p.m. by Bob Fernander, President.  The following Directors were present: Bob Fernander, Ralph Ricapito, Jere Berkey, Colin Wendell and Judy Greene. Kevin Richards, LRC Manager was in attendance, as well as, Kim Ueding of Manasota Management.

Approval of June 2003 Minutes

Motion made by R. Ricapito to approve the minutes as presented. Seconded by Colin Wendell, Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

J. Berkey gave the following report:

·         Expenses over budget for July in the amount of $2,700.00, this in the repair and maint. category. This was due to some leak repairs (which had the water bill out of line) done on the fountain, toilets and urinal.  Also for the replacement of 4 toilets. Kevin Richards, reported that he will be sending a letter to the Water Company from Letterman Plumbing and the irrigation company that there were leaks and the that the repairs were made, the water company at this point will consider giving a partial refund on the water bill for the last 3 months.

·         January through July - $4,300.00 of Income over Expenses.

·         The 2002 Audit was discussed.  The company charge a lot more than the original cost on their proposal. J. Berkery was going to review the bill in detail and send a reply letter to the auditors.

Manager’s Report

Kevin Richards reported the Following:

·         The court maintenance for July was not done till August 12-13 due to the problem of constant rains.  The courts have been kept up due to the hard work of the LRC staff and they deserve a lot of credit and Thanks for their hard work.

·         New kitchen cabinets have been installed in the Poolside Clubhouse and look great. This was done after the old cabinets had been ruined by someone damaging the old ones.

·         Brick pavers are now all clean, this was done in-house.

·         The bike rack has now been moved to the new location.

·         The white rock that lines the walkways out to the courts is in the process of being replaced. Also the ditches outside the courts have dug out to allow better drainage. This also is being done in-house.

·         Third heater for the pool has been installed.

It was suggested that there is a need to post the service date on bills so that the owner’s receipts match their billing.

Committee Reports

Pool & Spa

Already reported. The problem with the temperature not being stabilized has been due to the installation of the water heater.

Social  Program – reported the following

·         “Staff Appreciation Party” will be October 24, 2003.  Kevin suggested a gift certificate be given to employees for restaurants.

·         “Holiday Gala” – will be December 7, 2003, committee is currently working on all the details.

·         “Jazz by the Pool” will be October 16, 2003.

·          “Welcome Newcomers” will be October 30, 2003 the LMA and LRC Board of Directors will be present.


Everything is currently on hold.

Tennis Committee

Report given by Lou Furlong, he discussed the following items:

·         Round Robin has been moved to Saturday, September 6th.

·         A portable Backboard was discussed and pictures shown to the Board of Directors. 

Motion made by J. Berkery to approve the purchase of the Backboard shown to the Board at a cost of $140.00 plus shipping and tax. Seconded by R. Ricapito. Motion carried unanimously.

·         Member Guest will be discussed at the committee’s September meeting.

·         Robbie then took over to discuss the possibility of renting a couple of the courts to the Gomez Brothers for they’re training session with young people. There would be professional trainers on-site along with approximately 15 to 20 well – disciplined teenagers and Robbie would also oversee. At the end of each day they would sweep and line the courts as part of the contract.  The money would be put toward the fund that needs to be set-up for the replacement of Lights and Fences and they would be basically only using courts that are not being used.

Motion made by Colin Wendell to allow Kevin and Robbie to enter into a month to month agreement with the Gomez Brothers that would be reviewed first by the J. Berkery and the Tennis Committee. Seconded by Ralph Ricapito. Motion carried unanimously.

 Fitness Center / Library

Air-conditioning was down for 5 to 6 days due to the fan motor being bad; the problem with the delay was that the motor had to be ordered. The library is growing quickly.


Fountain in lake not working.  This is the LMA responsibility.

 Old Business

 a.       Bike Rack Location – already discussed.

b.       New Water Coolers – they have been well received with no complaints.

c.       New Clubhouse Rental Rates and “Guest Fee” credit.

Motion by Colin Wendell to dissolve the $20.00 “Guest Fee” credit per member. Seconded by Ralph Ricapito. Motion carried unanimously.

New rates for the rental of the rooms were discussed. It was suggested the Poolside rate go from $75.00 to $125.00 for rental with a refundable cleaning fee of $75.00 and Lakeside rate go from $250.00 to 250.00 with a refundable cleaning fee of $100.00.

Motion by Judy Greene to approve the new rates as presented to go into effect September 1, 2003. Seconded by Ralph Ricapito. Motion carried unanimously.

 d.       Tennis Court Fencing and Court Lights – Already discussed that the money from the

       Gomez Brothers goes to this fund.

 New Business

 a.                   Additional Facility Fencing (security).  It was discussed that additional fencing is needed to the entrance by the Gazebo along the sidewalk to prevent people from entering the club this way. This is a security issue.

b.                   Proposed 2004 Budget (Draft) The budget committee of J. Berkery, J. Jost and Kevin Richards presented their draft to the Board of Directors. They decided that after 7 years it was necessary to increase the yearly dues from $750.00 to $810.00.  It has become very difficult to keep the premises up on the current amount. There was a long discussion of the increase and the effect on the members.

 Motion made by C. Wendell to approve the Budget for 2004 as presented. Seconded by R. Ricapito. Motion carried unanimously.

c.                   Board of Directors Positions for 2004.  It was discussed that now is the time for the current Board members to review whose tenure is up.


Motion made by C. Wendell to adjourn the meeting seconded by Ricapito. Meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Ueding