The monthly board meeting was held on Tuesday, June 18, 2002. Treasurer Jere Berkey was absent.

The board resumed the discussion of the paver brick project which also includes replacing the wall of railroad ties and some drainage work. A motion was made to approve this project as presented by the club manager not to exceed $26,000 with a $1000 contingency. The board approved this motion.

Len Gumley spoke to the board regarding the acoustics in the Lakeside Clubhouse. At a recent function it was again obvious that something needs to be done. The club has in the past looked into "egg crates" for the walls but it was felt that these were not pleasant to look at. Ralph Ricapito requested that Jack Jost look into getting this problem resolved.

In the absence of Treasurer Jere Berkey, club manager Kevin Richards reported that the club is in good financial shape.

Upcoming social events include Staff Appreciation Day and the Newcomers Party. The board discussed having new residents of The Landings - and not necessarily an LRC member - be invited to hear about all aspects of the community, the lakes, etc., and new residents may wish to join the club. It
was discussed that the LRC combine with LMA and share cost 50/50. A motion was made and approved to enter joint Newcomers party with LMA.

The Landings Eagle Editor Irwin Starr has been working on an Internet site. He requested and the LRC board approved payment of $15.00 per month to assist in covering overhead of the new site.
The next board meeting will be held Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 2:00 PM.

Barbara Pendrell, Secretary