LRC Board Meeting 3/19/02

 The monthly board meeting was held on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 with all
directors present.
    Landings resident Dr. Ben Mayne spoke to the board in reference to upgrading
the landscaping in front of the LRC clubhouse along Landings Blvd. Dr. Mayne
felt the club should get a landscape architect to redesign this area by
following a plan and sticking to it as opposed to the current plant at will
philosophy. Colin Wendell will spearhead a committee that will plan and
recommend new plantings (including hedges along Landings Blvd.) as funds
permit. A plan will be developed economically with low or no maintenance
landscaping and will be implemented over the next three (3) years.
    Upcoming tennis events include a pro/member event to be held in May or June
and an interclub pro tournament with two (2) pros from several clubs to play.
Treasurer's report for February 2002: net income over expenses without
capital expenditures for month of January 2002 - $11,170 and February 2002 -
$1,895 for a total of $13,065.
    Club Manager Kevin Richards reported that the club's current provider of
liability insurance, TIG, has cancelled the policy as of May 1, 2002. It
seems that several "recreational" facilities have had their insurance
cancelled over the past year or two and our time just came up. Our current
insurance broker is searching for other carriers and Kevin has met with
another insurance broker and asked him to review our current policies and to
come up with some alternatives. The board discussed obtaining a rider for
alcohol consumption. Kevin would still like to see the formation of an
insurance committee to assist the board and him in resolving questions
concerning the clubs many insurance policies. Any Landings resident that has
any knowledge of insurance and would like to help, please contact Kevin at
the club. Repairs to the gazebo are complete.
    LRC Board President Ralph Ricapito appointed Jay Eisner as head of the pool
    The April board meeting was held on the 16TH. The next meeting will be
Tuesday, May 21, 2002 at 2:00 PM.

                                     Barbara Pendrell, Secretary