OCTOBER 21, 2003



The meeting was called to order by President Bob Fernander at 2:00 p.m.  in the Lakeside Club, at the Landings Racquet Club, Sarasota, Florida.



Present were Bob Fernander, Judy Greene, Jack Jost, Barbara Pendrell, Ralph Ricapito and Colin Wendel constituting a quorum. Absent was Jere Berkey.  Also present was Kevin Richards, LRC Manager and Shirley Jones of CMI-Progressive Community Management, Inc.



The notice for the meeting was posted in accordance with Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.



A motion made by Ralph Ricapito and seconded by Collin Wendell to accept the minutes of the September 16, 2003 meeting of the Board of Directors.

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.





Kevin Richards reported on behalf of Treasurer Jere Berkey that they had been successful in arranging with Premier Community Bank a Money Market account, which will give the Association an interest rate of 1% rather than the .25% which was being paid on the checking account.  Ralph Ricapito suggested that Kevin look into Riverside Bank as this institution is paying a higher interest rate for Business Account. 

Kevin also reported that Mr. Berkey has requested that a meeting be set up with CMI-Progressive to discuss the general format of the Financial Reports and to determine if there are changes which can be made which would make the Financial Statements easier to read, specifically the way in which the Reserve Fund is being reported in the Financial Statements.  Year to date, Revenues have exceeded expenses by $8,400, however, Kevin reports that there are a number of expenses which will need to be paid through the end of the year and expects to come in right on budget.

A motion made by Ralph Ricapito and seconded by Collin Wendell to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.




In addition to the Manager’s Report (a copy of which is attached to and made part of these minutes), Kevin Richards reported:

1)      One of the maintenance carts had to be replaced.  Repair estimates were in excess of $1,100 on a cart, which would have a trade in value of only $500.  The decision was made to replace the cart with a used cart, which will cost $1,100.  All of the customizing parts were removed from the old cart to be put on the new cart.  Although the Board had no issue with this particular expenditure, the Board did request that Kevin at least make a call to a member of the Board before any major expenditure.


2)      The pool heaters have not been working for the past several days.  The temperature was  well below where it should have been on Sunday.  Symbiont has been called to effect repairs.  The spa is working fine




Pool and Spa

The committee thanked the Board for all the work they had done in keeping the pool and spa in good working order.


Social Program

A general discussion took place relative to last year’s new member hand out and welcome letter.  Updates and corrections such as the current year’s Board of Directors, changing the name of the library by eliminating the word “swapping”, changing the reference to the wash area to a vanity area, changing the term dumbbell to free weights and changing the low impact aerobic to Jazzercize will be made before the package goes to press.   Thirty-five club members have indicated they will be attending the New Comer’s party this year.



New palms have been planted in place of the hibiscus which were not doing well in that location.   These new plants are included in the cost of the landscape contract.  Those hibiscus have been replanted in an area which should be better for them.  A meeting will be set up with Raber in January to devise a plan to re-landscape the front entrance to be completed in February.



Round Robin Tournament is this weekend, October 25, 2003.  The cost is $9.00 with play beginning at 11:00 am.  The Octoberfest begins at 12:30 pm with bratwurst and hotdogs being served.


Fitness Center and Library

The mats in the fitness center have been replaced.   The damage near the treadmills needs to be repaired.   The magnetic emergency stop apparatus keeps falling off the treadmill.  Kevin will have it repaired.  The cleaning crew needs to make a better effort to dust the equipment.


The library is nearing capacity.  Some duplicate and outdated books have been removed.  Expansion needs to be considered soon.  General discussion took place relative to moving the Tuesday massage session to the Lakeside Club to make room for additional shelving.  This will be considered further.



The furniture and carpet in both the Lakeside Club and Poolside Room have been cleaned.




Fence and Lighting

Jack Jost presented a report on the condition of the fencing and lighting which contains recommendations.  This report is attached to and made a part of these minutes.  The Board requested that Kevin Richards obtain cost estimates on the recommended items in Mr. Jost’s report.


Bulbs have been replaced but additional bulbs need to be replaced.  A lift will be rented and those bulbs will be replaced.  Discussion included the thought that due to the high cost of the bulbs (approximately $42 per bulb) in the existing fixtures, that consideration should be given to replacing the fixtures with something that will provide better lighting at a lower cost.


By-Law Changes

Bob Greenfield reviewed the proposed changes to the By-Laws and finds no reason the changes cannot be made.  The only change being proposed is the filing deadline for persons wishing be a candidate for the Board of Directors.  The change would be from the current filing deadline of the 5th day of the month preceding the Annual Meeting to November 15th.  This would allow, should there be a need for an election, for the Ballot to be included with the mailing of the Annual Membership Statements, which must be mailed by November 20th of each year.   The proposed change will be voted on at the Annual Meeting in January.




Annually the change in membership has been up or down by only three or four.  Additional marketing was considered and it was decided that a letter should go to all homeowners in Landings South offering them membership.  This mailing should include cost of membership in other similar, local clubs.  It should also include an offer for a trial membership so they could experience what the facility has to offer.


Pool Heater Repairs

Symbiont reported they believe there is a hole in the pipe, which draws the water from the lake and is used by the heaters.  Since the pumps are not receiving the required water, they have shut down thereby preventing the pump from burning out which is a good safety feature.  Symbiont will affect repairs by Thursday, October 22, 2003.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Shirley N. Jones

Recording Secretary