The meeting was convened at 2:00 PM by President Ralph Ricapito with a quorum present comprised of Jere Berkey, Bob Fernander, Judy Greene, Jack Jost, Barbara Pendrell and Coin Wendell. Also present were Club Manager Kevin Richards, Director of Tennis Mike Smith, Tennis Committee members Louise Greenfield, Jean Brown, John Gaiy, Dick Graham and Landings residents Sylvie LeGuen, Truman Menefee and Joel Ebert.

 Jack Jost made a motion that the minutes of September 17, 2002 be approved as written. Seconded by Cohn Wendell. Minutes approved.

 Director of Tennis Mike Smith discussed upcoming tennis events — Welcome Back Tennis Round Robin (32 players) to be held Friday, November 1, 2002 at 4:30 PM. Shot of the Month will also be held in the morning of the same dater On Saturday, November 2 there will be a USPTA Exhibition at 3:00 PM with eight (8) area pros to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The weekend of November 8~ — l0~’ Mike’s mixed doubles team representing The Landings will be going to nationals in Shreveport, LA. The Father-Son tennis tournament will be held November 22nd — ~ 2002.

 Treasurer Jere Berkey reported that for the month of September 2002, income exceeded expenditures by about $1900. The operating income was under budget by approximately $2400 but operating expenses were under budget by $4300. For the first nine months, January through September 2002 operating income was $300 over budget and operating expenses including Capital Reserve expenditures of $48900 were $17250 under budget or a net effect of $17500 — income exceeding expenditures. Based on the projected income and expenses to be incurred for the remaining three (3) months of 2002, LRC can expect a net income for 2002 of approximately $19000. The budget presented at this meeting has gone through a thorough review by the budget committee which looked at all items and addressed those items that could realize cost savings — the end result — the 2003 LRC dues will remain the same. Jack Jost made a motion that the board accept the budget as proposed. Seconded by Bob Fernander. Budget for 2003 approved.

 Club Manager Kevin Richards reported that monthly court maintenance for October 2002 will be done over the weekend of the 12~ & 13~. In November 2002 the annual two (2) ton resurfacing of the courts will be done the weekend of the 8~ — 10~. Some courts will be off-line over this weekend. Corrective action on some of the paver bricks will take place the week of October 14111. The cement wall on the east side of the pool deck will be painted during the week of October 21g• The water/sewer bills for the club have been unusually high over the last. two (2) cycles. Kevin Richards has contacted SCES and the club will receive a credit of the sewer portion of the bill when SCES is provided proof of leak repairs. There will be several changes in the staff of the Pro-Shop during the next few weeks. Mina Thompson will gradually decrease her hours until the new staff member, Lynda Ryden, is trained. Leslie McLean has agreed to help out as needed.

 Steve Tyle remains out of work due to an injury. As a result of the changes, only 1 staff member draws medical and dental benefits. The LRC is also saving money by having a lot of work done by the staff

 Social committee liaison Barbara Pendrell reported that Staff Appreciation Day was a big success. The Newcomers Party will be held Tuesday, October 15, 2002 with approximately 35 new residents responding that they will attend. The Welcome Back Snowbirds Party will be held Saturday, November 9, 2002.

 Tennis chairperson Louise Greenfield and the tennis committee recommended to the board that no more than two (2) exhibitions be held per month. The board stated that the Director of Tennis approves or disapproves exhibitions after bringing the request to the tennis committee. The committee discussed how round robins might be set up, to have or not have prizes and should handicapping be used?

 Old Business: Continuing discussion on extended hours for the fitness center, pooi and spa resulted in the board agreeing to an extension for one hour — until 10:00 PM — on a trail basis for three (3) months until the end of the year 2002. ~The clubhouses will still be locked at 9:00 PM unless an event is being held and the roving guard will return at 10:00 PM to lock the pool gates. Bob Fernander suggested getting names after 9:00 PM and get a count of people using the facilities. The board will revisit this issue at the January 2003 board meeting. In the past there had been concerns of vandalism and until recently no formal requests had been made for extended hours. Judy Greene made a motion that the fitness center/pool and spa remain open until 10:00 PM on a trial basis, seconded by Cohn Wendell. Jack Jost and Jere Berkey were opposed. Board approved.

 The board also discussed implementing a Risk Management committee that would report to the board. Judy Greene and Bob Fernander will co-chair this committee and will look into the possibility of getting an insurance agent to serve on the committee as well. Some of the issues that will be looked into include: protecting the club against exposure — could our insurance company help set up procedures to protect the club? Sign register, bar code system, closed sign on pool.

 Jack Jost presented to the board acoustical design recommendations for the clubhouse prepared by Siebein Associates, Inc. The complete report can be reviewed by contacting Kevin Richards in the pro shop. In short, twenty four (24) pictures were taken of the room and a ceiling tile was available as a sample. The room is considered a “live” room based on the absorption coefficient and will amplify’ sounds and increase reverberation. The recommendation is to put an acoustical treatment on the walls and ceiling. A window treatment for the sliding glass door at the rear of the room is also suggested. This extensive review was done at no charge to the club.

 Regarding an Associate Membership: Bob Femander made a motion that the current sitting board consider the issue dead — to be considered by the next board if they feel it necessary.

 New Business: President Ralph Ricapito asked Judy Greene to chair the nominating committee for the 2003 board. Judy will work with Kevin Richards.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM. The next regular meeting of your board of directors will be held Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 2:00 PM.

Executive Session: President Ralph Ricapito went over the letter addressed to Landings newcomers, the annual meeting letter and the letter from Bill Sutton of Manasota Management regarding the part-time employment of Kathy Richards confirming that she does not work with or have any access to financial information regarding LRC accounts that Manasota Management maintains for the club.

The board also discussed the evaluation of Club Manager Kevin Richards effective January 2003. The board unanimously felt that Kevin does an exemplary job managing the club and approved a monetary increase of 3%..

Executive Session adjourned at 3:40 PM.



Respectfully submitted by Barbara Pendrell, Secretary.