December 19, 2006




The meeting was called to order by President Jack Jost at 1:30 p.m. in the Lakeside Room, at the Landings Racquet Club, Sarasota, Florida.



Present were Bonnie Dombrosky, Bob Fernander, Gordon Garrett, Jack Jost, Marilyn Newman and Ralph Ricapito constituting a quorum. Absent was Jere Berkey.  Also present were Kevin Lechlitner, LRC Manager and Shirley Jones of Progressive Community Management, Inc. (PCM).



The notice for the meeting was posted in accordance with By-laws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.



A motion was made by Bonnie Dombrosky and seconded by Marilyn Newman approve the minutes of the November 20, 2006 meeting of the Board of Directors.

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.



November Financial Report

At this time, we are $2,518 to the good.  


MANAGERS REPORT   (Kevin Lechlitner)

(copy of report attached to these minutes and made a part thereof as exhibit A)

A motion was made by Gordon Garrett and seconded by Bonnie Dombrosky to set the Pro Shop hours of operation as 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday and  7:30 to 2:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.


The Bose system will be re-wired. 

Materials to re-do the remainder of the chairs in the Poolside room will be purchased.

A proposal was made some time ago to install acoustical material to the ceiling, walls and cupola.  It was determined that to drop the ceiling to install the material would be impractical but that we should work on the walls and the cupola.  Ralph presented pictures of an application from the Biltmore Estates to cover the cupola.

Consideration should be given to carpeting the entire room and purchasing a portable dance floor.    Kevin presented information on costs and sizes available.

Stainless steel coolers that are designed to be used outdoors can be purchased for around $4,400.  Mounting will be done so that the coolers are not sitting on the ground. 


A motion was made by Gordon Garrett and seconded by Bob Fernander to purchase four (4) water coolers as presented at a cost not to exceed $5,000.

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.


Monte Carlo night has been scheduled for the last part of January.  Costs need to be reviewed to determine whether or not the amount to be paid by members will  be reasonable.    Consider having it just a Texas Holdum’ with a Texas theme.   The date needs to be reconsidered.


COMMITTee Reports

Pool and Spa  (Jay Eisner)

The Jacuzzi is losing water and we need to determine where the water is leaking.  Several suggestions were made for ways to determine where the leak is.

Pool temperature:  84º is a number that seems to be a mean temperature. 


Social Program

Movie night will be on the 23rd of January and we will be presenting The Illusionist.


Fitness Center (Bonnie Dombrosky)

The center is being maintained very well and many thanks to Kevin.  Bonnie presented a proposal to expand the fitness center, which will be reviewed in the fitness center following the meeting.



Robbie is on vacation and Sam is handling lessons.  The round robin was cancelled for December due to lack of participation.

The stroke of the month, slice, will be the first Saturday in January.  Lessons for Life to benefit the Cancer Society is the 27th of January.  The morning round robin can still be held on this date. 

There is still a problem forming teams.  The Board  considered allowing associate members to be participate on  a teams.   This proposal was voted down by the Board.


Library (Ralph Ricapito)

Programs are going well:  computer club, discussion group, and the Spanish lessons will begin after the 1st of the year. 


Landings Learning Group  (Howard Feltman)

Room for the first event looked lovely.  Lighting was great and the acoustics were far improved.   Over 90 subscribers at this point and will have over 100 before the next event. 

Howard thanked Kevin and the staff for all their help.



Notices should be posted only for activities within the Landings not outside the community.


Rules for the rental of the clubhouses should be reviewed and presented in a straightforward manner so there is no question as to who may rent or use either of the clubhouses. 



There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn. 

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:53 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Shirley N. Jones

Recording Secretary