December 16, 2003


The meeting was called to order by President Bob Fernander at 2:00 p.m. in the Lakeside Club, at the Landings Racquet Club, Sarasota, Florida.                               


Present were Jere Berkey, Bob Fernander, Judy Greene, Jack Jost, Barbara Pendrell, Ralph Ricapito and Colin Wendel constituting a quorum.  Also present was Kevin Richards, LRC Manager and Shirley Jones of CMI-Progressive Community Management, Inc.


The notice for the meeting was posted in accordance with Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.


Correction to the minutes of November 18, 2003:

Page 2, Line 4 Ė Change name to Ben Mayne

A motion made by Colin Wendel and seconded by Ralph Ricapito to accept the minutes as amended above of the November 18, 2003 meeting of the Board of Directors.  Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.



Jere Berkey, Treasurer, reported that through November the operations was under budget by approximately $4,700.  Kevin is keeping close tabs on expenses and should bring the year in at break even point.  The capital replacement fund is over spent by $13,000 with about $20,000 to carry over into 2004.  Year end cash will be approximately $60,000.


All members of the Board need to be prepared to respond to members questions particularly as to why the dues went up for 2004.  The members need to be reminded of their own personal expenses and that there are many programs available to the members beside tennis.    The history of the membership dues since 1997 has averaged $751.25 annually.  Prudent spending has enabled the Board to keep the dues low considering the improvements which have been made to the club.  In fact for seven years the dues did not go up and the members cannot expect to maintain an aging facility without adequate an operating budget.


The Audit has been awarded to Cavanaugh and Company at a cost of $3,400.


The dollars being spent to repair the fencing will extend the life of the fence.  The short and high fencing will be done in-house.  With only one person working on this project it will take a long time.  The short fence will be completed first to determine if the process will work before moving on to the high fence.

Lights that are currently in use are the lights which are appropriate for this installation as they minimize lights to the condo and maximize the court lighting.  Lights which are out now will be changed in January.  They were last changed in May or June.  It was suggested that rather than wait for lights to go out, that all lights should be changed now .  The light posts will be wire brushed and a three-coat (including a rust inhibitor) process will be applied


The annual allocation for capital improvements is calculated by determining the up coming expenses over the next couple of years and that is what the fund allocation will be for the coming year.



In addition to the attached Managerís report a copy of which is attached, Kevin Richards added:

1)                   Kevin wishes to give credit to Bill Woodward of TCM for the great job done on the court resurfacing.

2)                   Also a special thanks to all the hard work that Jack Jost did on researching the fencing and what could be done to repair and/or replace.

3)                   Kevin reported that he purchased a power washer, but admitted that he did not take the recommendation of the Board and purchase a gas powered pressure washer for a couple of reasons, one being the noise factor and the one which he purchased is sufficient for the what will be done with it.

4)                   Acoustic in the Lakeside Club seem to be fine for the Gala.  Some work could be done for additional lighting especially for where to stage is typically set up.


 Pool and Spa

Pool heater and pump went out.  Symbiont Service to replace or repair as needed.  The spa shut off problem was noted and repairs were instituted and since it has remained working.

Handicapped Issue

With regard to the ladder extension the Board requested that a cost estimate be obtained.  According to the Sarasota County pool inspector this would have to be done on a custom basis.  The Board determined that Mr. Querfurth deserves a response to his request.


Ben Mayne presented the Board with a plan to refurbish the landscaping at the front of the Club.  A lighting consultant will be brought in to install lighting prior to installing new plantings as well as irrigation.  Plantings will be away from where cars park.  The Board wishes to thank Ben and George for all their time and effort they put into the landscaping plan.

A motion made by Jack Jost and seconded by Barbara Pendrell to accept the Landscaping Plan and authorize $14,000 to fund the plan.  Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.

A motion made by Ralph Ricapito and seconded by Jere Berke to remove two Cuban laurels and one oak tree at the front of the club at a cost of $650.00.  Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.


Ladies invitational league was a success.  Robbie handled everything including the food.  Next match will be with Lakewood Ranch.

Jim Rich will be conducting a Doubles Clinic:  Doubles Strategy followed by a round robin tournament.

Robbie is planning a trip to Argentina.

 Fitness Center and Library

Ralph Ricapito reported all is going well.


The windows need cleaning.  The first time should be done by an outside company then have the staff keep them up and a regular basis.



 Annual Meeting

There were no intents for members to serve on the Board of Directors.  The Board will remain as it now stands.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Shirley N. Jones

Recording Secretary