October 17, 2006




The meeting was called to order by President Jack Jost at 1:37 p.m. in the Lakeside Room, at the Landings Racquet Club, Sarasota, Florida.



Present were Bonnie Dombrosky, Bob Fernander, Jack Jost, and Ralph Ricapito constituting a quorum. Absent were Jere Berkey, Gordon Garrett and Marilyn Newman.  Also present were Kevin Lechlitner, LRC Manager and Shirley Jones of Progressive Community Management, Inc. (PCM).



The notice for the meeting was posted in accordance with By-laws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.



Correct line 22 to reflect that a motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the August 15, 2006 meeting of the Board of Directors.

A motion was made by Ralph Ricapito and seconded by Bonnie Dombrosky to approve the minutes of the September 19, 2006 meeting of the Board of Directors as amended.

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.



September Financial Report

As of September 30, 2006 the year to date income was $318,632 against a budget of $309,900.  Proshop merchandise income less than budgeted due to changes in the office, but proshop expenditures are also well under budget.

Total of expenses through September 30, 2006 are $317,370.  The items that are running over budget are electricity, personnel and postage and printing.  Grounds expense higher than expected due to palm tree trimming.


2007 Budget

This is still a work in progress and further revisions will be required before Board approval.  The budget committee will meet to finalize the budget.


MANAGERS REPORT   (Kevin Lechlitner)

(copy of report attached to these minutes and made a part thereof as exhibit A)


COMMITTee Reports

Tennis   (Lou Furlong)

(copy of report attached to these minutes and made a part thereof as exhibit B)

No meeting.  The courts are in beautiful shape.  Team competition started today.

Robbie reported on upcoming events:  Seniors (15 teams) and Super Seniors (9 teams) with the entry deadline being November 9, 2006.  Sponsors are providing support both monetarily and with services.  Prize money is already provided.

Host Committee will meet again at the end of the month to finalize their plans for lunches and other service provided to tournament attendees.

Round Robin will be the October 28th beginning at 11:00 am.  There will not be a round robin in November, and one on December 9, 2006.

Free clinic of the month had eight (8) players.  The next clinic will be on November 3rd at 11:00 am. 

USTA Junior league is going well and members are enjoying their play.

The league schedule will be published when it has been established.

Contractual arrangement for the Senior and Super Senior father/son tournament has reverted to how it was when Bob Luxemborg handled the tournament.  Robbie has assumed responsibility for all expense and will pay a nominal court usage fee to the Club. 

There has been a problem with guests that do not sign in and have not paid guest fees.   Kevin is working on procedures to handle for liability issues and to get the guest fees collected.


Pool and Spa  (Jay Eisner)

Good shape and everything is working.


Social Program 

All scheduled events need to be given to Howard Feltman so that he can incorporate those into the calendar.  Jazz by the Pool is ready to go.  Bob Fernander will visit with Marilyn to determine a course of action.


Landscape / Irrigation  (Ben Mayne)

Impatients are planted, but the islands do not look very good.  As soon as the money has been allocated, Ben will begin to work up a plan to complete the landscaping program.  The hibiscus around the courts need to be removed due to the fact that there is no way to water those plants. 


Fitness Center (Bonnie Dombrosky)

Dumbbells are being painted.  Money has been allocated in next yearís budget to purchase some new equipment. 


Library (Ralph Ricapito)

The new season is bringing an ambitious program to include the Library Program, Book Club, Computer Club, Spanish Class, Discussion Group on current topics of the day. 


Facility Maintenance  (Bob Fernander)

Fencing is being repaired.  The drainage is a complex problem and facilities maintenance is addressing this issue. 

The chairs for the clubrooms have been ordered.  The tables will be replaced next year.

There are a lot of rules infractions due to the fact that no one knows what the rules are.  We need to post the rules, especially regarding guests. 

The cupola in the Lakeside Room needs to be addressed both for aesthetics and acoustics.   Sylie LeGuen agreed to help.


Landings Learning Group  (Howard Feltman)

Holiday Program will be on December 13, 2006.  Entertainment will be a pianist focusing on Holiday Music. 

The Landings Chorale will be the final program of the season on April 4th at 7 pm.

There are two concerns:  one being the chairs which have been taken care of and the second is the sound system.   Howard has agreed to work with Kevin to get the system up and running.  The fee for the entire series will be $25 for eight or nine programs.  Landings Learning Group expects to make a contribution to the Club of around $2,000.




Petty Cash

Petty cash procedures will be written down and submitted to the board for approval.  


Event Planning

Jazz by the Pool is November 10 and Rita Spector will be the chairman of that committee.  The scheduling committee will meet on Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at 11:00 am.

Interest has been expressed in Bingo, Trivia Night, and Monte Carlo night.

Trivia night can be scheduled and will include food, such as pizza, beer and wine.

Movie night was a huge success last year and we need to try to keep this going.  Marilyn probably already has this organized.



Candidates for 2007 / 2008 Board of Directors

We have three board members whose terms expire in January 2007:  Gordon Garrett, Bob Fernander and Marilyn Newman.  Marilyn will not be running again.  Jere Berkey has indicated his intent to resign his position as of the annual meeting.  Two persons have expressed on interest in serving, Jim Goldman and Jerry Welch.  A nominating committee should be appointed.  The annual meeting notice must be mailed on November 20, 2006 and must include election of members. 



There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn. 

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:01 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Shirley N. Jones

Recording Secretary