September 19, 2006




The meeting was called to order by President Jack Jost at 1:36 p.m. in the Lakeside Room, at the Landings Racquet Club, Sarasota, Florida.



Present were Bonnie Dombrosky, Bob Fernander, Gordon Garrett, Jack Jost, Marilyn Newman and Ralph Ricapito constituting a quorum. Absent was Jere Berkey.  Also present were Kevin Lechlitner, LRC Manager and Shirley Jones of Progressive Community Management, Inc. (PCM).



The notice for the meeting was posted in accordance with Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.



Correct attendee to reflect that Bob Fernander was not in attendance.

A motion was made by 

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.



Doing very well on the initiation fees.

Proshop merchandise – very little in sales and we are considerably under budget however, we are correspondingly are under budget for expense as well.

Electricity is higher due to the significant increase in fuel costs.  The current costs are a little over $36,000 for the year.  Kevin had FP&L conduct an energy audit and they have made recommendations:  energy efficient lighting, changing the thermostat temperature in the fitness center.  The biggest expense increase is due to the fuel surcharge which has increased 40% since the first of the year. 

Total income was $35,907.67 versus a budget of $34,433 for $1,500 variance. 

Non-cash item is the depreciation of $17,000 giving us a non cash loss of $16,409


MANAGERS REPORT   (Kevin Lechlitner)

(copy of report attached to these minutes and made a part thereof as exhibit A)

A number of activities are being considered:  Trivia Game, Bingo, Monte Carlo night.


Event Planning

The event planning committee will consist of Marilyn Newman, Bob Fernander and Ralph Ricapito.


COMMITTee Reports


Tennis   (Lou Furlong)

(copy of report attached to these minutes and made a part thereof as exhibit A)

The committee did not meet in August.  There was Round Robin in August.  High Life Play with the Pro was a success and this should be scheduled routinely.

We need to have a membership drive.

Insert will be included with the Landings Eagle which will show the upcoming events, special programs and the new rates for services of the Club Pro.  Teen League has been established and will rotate play with other clubs in the county. 

Senior Father/Son and Super Senior Father/son tournaments are planned for November13 to 19, 2006.

Lessons for Life – a fund raising event for the American Cancer is scheduled for January 17, 2007.  The Board determined they wish to support this event.


Pool and Spa  (Jay Eisner)

The spa heater replacement is of the commercial kind.  It is good that we will have only one company, Symbiont, to service all the pool/spa equipment.   According to our pool service contractor, the type of switch which is on the spa is the only one which meets County Health code.  Further exploration is required.


Social Program 

The next events will be determined by the Event Planning Committee.


Landscape / Irrigation 

Nothing to report at this time.


Fitness Center/Library   (Bonnie Dombrosky/Ralph Ricapito)

Try to spray paint the barbells.  The new dumbbell rack is appreciated.

The library is getting a lot of use and we need to add two more small bookcases.


Facility Maintenance

Nothing to report at this time.




E-Mail Addresses

Kevin is still trying to get e-mail address and we now have about 140 addresses.  There is now a President’s Forum which would be a clearing house for e-mail addresses.


Web Page

We have a page available through the Eagle which could include upcoming events.


Petty Cash

This issue will be resolved.


Court Drainage

The courts drain well and dry quickly.  The drains outside the courts are really not drains, but just ditches and are now being cleaned out.  The storm drains do not drain well and we are waiting for a proposal to clean those.  Proposal has been received to install a drain on the low end of the courts which will help with erosion of the court surface. 


Water Coolers

All American Water has serviced the coolers.  There are still some problems.   Some of the issues may be electrical related.  Stainless steel coolers is an option if the installation is proper.  Replacement could cost around $5,000.


Light Poles

Waiting on proposals for replacement of light poles.


Wind Insurance

Cincinnati has reinstated our policy for one year.  Great Western policy was cancelled and the premium paid will be refunded.





New Member Incentives

Possibilities will be considered at Executive Session and presented to the Board.



There being no further business, a motion was made by Gordon Garrett and seconded by Bonnie Dombrosky to adjourn. 

Each director present voted in favor of the motion.  Motion passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:47 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Shirley N. Jones

Recording Secretary