Board of Directors Meeting

May 20, 2003

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Bob Fernander, President.  The following Directors were present: Bob Fernander, Colin Wendell, Jere Berkey, Barbara Pendrell. Kim Ueding of Manasota Management was also in attendance.

Approval of April 2003 Minutes

Motion made by Barbara Pendrell to approve the minutes as presented. Seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurerís Report

J. Berkey gave the following report:

         $38,500.00 has been spent to date from the Capital Replacement Fund.

         Have spent a lot of time with Management and the Accountants to finish the audit.  It should be completed within the week.

         Discussed that there needs to be a change in the Audit procedure.

Tennis Committee

Report given by Lou Furlong, he discussed the following items:

         The great success of Cinquo de Mayo

         Kevin will be ordering the new Ball machine.

         No quotes yet on the practice wall.

         Ladies Summer League has started and is very successful.

         Member-Guest events have been put off till September/Early October.

Question on the new ball machine; it is one of the best. The Tennis Committee recommends it purchase.

There was an anonymous letter received, which was not considered because it was not signed.

Managerís Report

Kevin Richards gave the following report:

         Monthly court maintenance will be May 23-25th.

         Fence job is now complete.

         Several water leaks found and repaired

         Cinquo de Mayo was a huge success.  Needs to be a fun experience maybe no prizes or score keeping next time? Possibly fun prizes

         New outside water heater installed.

         Report on the new ball machine.

Motion made to approve Kevinís recommendation for the Prince ball machine for $2,800.00 as long as it is the best we can get. Motion made by B. Fernander. Seconded by C. Wendell. Motion carried

         Question on outside fencing; it has been deferred.

         Modification of rules for Clubhouse discussed. Motion made by B. Fernander to retain the rules as they currently are. Manager to review security deposits and possibly raise fees to members. Seconded by C. Wendell. Motion carried.

         Motion made to move the bike rack to the hard pan in front of the old clubhouse where it will have coverage. Seconded. Motion carried.

Committees Report


Pool & Spa

Everything okay.

Social Program

Looking at activities through December. 


Kevin has met and talked to landscapers, but at this time no proposals are back.  When they are received they will be brought to the Board of Directors, Who will wait till Been gets back to make final decision.

Fitness Center

Everything running well.


Suggest that the umbrellas on the pool deck need to come down at the close of business.

Old Business

Already discussed

New Business

Already discussed

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,

Kim Ueding