Board of Directors Meeting, Minutes, 3/7/02

  The meeting was called to order by President Larry Spelman and a quorum was determined.  Present were Fred Stanyer, Don Smally, Dee Ricapito, Dennis Ziemann, Ken Lucas, Jerry McFadden, Robert Capo and Eli Chatson.  Also present was Jim Faix of Argus Property Management, Inc.

 President's Report - It was brought to the Board's attention a problem exists regarding the poor lighting at the corner of Landings Blvd. and Kestral Parkway South.  The Board will look into this condition and will postpone any action until the next meeting.

 Safety and Security Committee --Ken Lucas reported that he sent a letter to Bob Greenfield of the Covenants Enforcement Committee regarding a dog-barking incident and will determine if a violation exists.  A motion was made to give Ken Lucas authorization, upon confirmation by Bob Greenfield, that the barking dog constitutes a nuisance and that a letter should be sent to the owner.  The motion passed unanimously.

 Landscape Committee -- Fred Stanyer reported that some pepper trees have been removed from the Eagle Preserve and along the Nature Trail.  Additional plantings at some of the traffic islands are  now being planned.

 Lakes Committee -- Jerry McFadden  reported that some complaints had come in regarding some of the lakes.   Aquagenix (lake maintenance contractors) addressed all of those problems in a timely manner.

 Public Relations Committee -- Dee Ricapito reported the first issue of the new Landings Eagle was a success and thanked all who participated in that effort.  She reported that the Landings Racquet Club has agreed to pay for 22.5% of the cost of producing the Landings Eagle.  Also, some members of LRC and LMA have volunteered to serve on a Publications Board to aid  in the publication effort and to enhance the quality of the paper.  A motion was made to thank Irwin Starr for the fine job he has done in producing the Landings Eagle.

 A motion was made by Bob Capo to use the 22.5% from Landings Racquet Club as an offset against the electric service billed to LMA from the Racquet Club for electricity to power one of the LMA fountains, which would be subject to LRC approval.

 No Old Business

 New Business --  Ken Lucas reported that residents along Flickerfield Circle mentioned that the LMA boundary wall in their area is in need of cleaning or painting, and that an owner would like to donate a teak park bench to be installed along the  eastern lake bank of Lake #1.  This would be done at their own expense.  A motion was made to allow the homeowner to install the park bench subject to approval of the Landscape Committee and subject to approval regarding the placement of the bench by Aquagenix so that they can access the lake with their boat.  The motion passed unanimously.

 The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting is scheduled for April 4, 2002

 Respectfully submitted,

 James M. Faix/Dee Ricapito