DECEMBER 5, 2002
The meeting was called to order by Larry Spelman at 7:00 PM.  A quorum was determined, present were:  Larry Spelman, Bob Capo, Dee Ricapito, Eli Chatson, Don Smally, Ray  Rakoff and Ted Humphrey, Absent were Fred Stanyer
and Jerry McFadden.  Also, present Jim Faix of Argus and 4 unit owners.
Presidents Report
The President of LMA telephoned Stan Williams, the President of the Landings Homeowner's Assoc, to discuss owner
responsibilities for landscaping.  The LHA President said that the homeowner is responsible to maintain his property
and any non-owned frontage (i.e. easements) to the edge of the road.  This therefore closes the matter from last month when Ted Shaeffer requested that LMA pay for trees to be removed from the front of his property.
In addition, LHA President, Stan Williams, reported that they received a letter from a homeowner regarding the bench
placed along the side of the road at the North Lake (Lake #1) claiming that the bench is on his property.  A copy of this letter was sent to LMA.  The LHA is taking no action on this and neither is LMA.
Treasurer's Report
Bob Capo presented the Financial Report.  Also discussed was the policy for dealing with owners who pay late on their annual assessment.  The collection policy, adopted in February 2002 will be followed.  Also discussed was the possibility of adding Jim Faix of Argus Property Management as one of the authorized signers on the checking account.  This will be added after the annual meeting.
Management Report 
Jim Faix presented the Management report (A copy will be attached and made part of these minutes as Exhibit A).
Holiday Bonuses for Employees -- A discussion took place regarding Holiday Bonuses for Richard Mayo and Ed Ciccolini. Last year they received $300 and $200 respectively.  A motion was made by Ray Rakoff, second by Ted Humphrey to give each employee an additional $100 per employee.  Richard Mayo will receive $400 and Ed Ciccolini will receive $300.  Motion passed unanimously.
Request for vehicle Damage Reimbursement -- Mr. Dave Daverio submitted a request for reimbursement in the amount of $224.70 for vehicle damage sustained at the north gate prior to the new gates being installed.  This incident was on videotape and an incident report was filed with the guards.  (Attached copy as Exhibit B).  A motion was made by
Ted Humphrey, second by Ray Rakoff to reimburse Dave Daverio $224.70 for vehicle damage sustained by the north gate.
The motion passed unanimously.
Mr. Paul Fishman also requested reimbursement in the amount of $798.00 for vehicle damage.  The consensus of the Board is that insufficient information was submitted and this issue will be discussed at a future meeting after additional investigation.
Safety and Security
Mr. Rakoff presented the Safety and Security Committee report.  A group of owners submitted a short petition requesting a streetlight to be installed at the intersection of Landings Blvd. and Kestral Parkway South, which is a very dark intersection.
(a copy of the Petition report is attached hereto as Exhibit C).   A motion was made by Don Smally, second by Dee Ricapito to install a FPL pole light at the intersection of Landings Blvd. and Kestral Parkway South.  The motion passed unanimously.
Landscape Committee --  No report
Road and Drainage Report
Don Smally noted that the engineering group met and reviewed each road to be paved during this project and that the engineering work had begun and that the Association has received its first invoice for the work which will be paid out of the 2002 budget.
Lakes Committee
Don Smally reported on behalf of Jerry McFadden that the north fountain in the Carriage House Lake (Lake #3) has been
problematic again and is being repaired again.
Public Relations Report
Dee Ricapito reported the Landings Learning Group has published their itinerary of events and is now available.  She encouraged all to attend.  Green Book inserts will be distributed to all the new owners.  New inserts will be available next spring.  Addresses will not be included in the Green Book.
The Board formally thanked Mr. Earl Morgoch for the donation of his eagle sculpture located at the center traffic island on Landings Blvd. and Kestral Pkwy.  and a plaque will be added bearing his name as the sculptor.
A discussion took place regarding the purchase of a larger eagle for the entrance of The Landings.  A motion was made by Dee Ricapito, second by Don Smally to purchase and install an eagle sculpture at a cost not to exceed $1,400.  The motion passed unanimously.
Old Business -- None
New Business -- None
The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for January 2, 2003.
Respectfully submitted,
James M. Faix, Acting Secretary
Dee Ricapito, PR