The Landings Management Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

June 3, 2004


Call to Order

Bob Capo called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Landings Racquet Club, 5350 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida.


Determination of Quorum

Present were Bob Capo, Laurence Spelman, Fred Stanyer, Ted Humphrey, Ray Rakoff, and Dolores Ricapito, constituting a quorum.  Also present were Walt Hammerling and Ken Evans of Argus Property Management, Inc. and numerous homeowners.


Confirmation of Proper Meeting Notice

The notice was posted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.


 Point of Order: Larry Spelman noted that in addition to posting the Agenda two (2) days in advance of the meeting, all Board Members should personally receive this information a minimum of two (2) days in advance.  The Board policy has been and will continue to be that the Minutes of the last meeting and Agenda for the upcoming meeting will be delivered to Board Members no later than the Friday before each meeting.


Approval of Minutes of May 6, 2004 Board Meeting

(Note: Additions are indicated by underline, deletions are noted by strikethrough.)

Page 1, line 25

Change:  “Howard and April Brown” to read “Howard Feltman and April Brown”

Page 1, line 29

Correct spelling: “ Kestrel Parkway South” to read “ Kestral Parkway South”


Larry Spelman made a motion, second by Ted Humphrey, to approve the minutes, as amended.  The motion passed unanimously.


Lighting Report

Fritz Drybrough presented preliminary estimates for costs to refurbish existing lighting systems and for decorative lighting additions. (A copy of these estimates is attached and made a part of these minutes as Exhibit A.)  In counting the fixtures, it was noted that there were many different types throughout the Landings.  Fritz recommends that these be made uniform as much as possible.  This will help eliminate the need for a large inventory of bulbs for replacement.


The report included what would be needed to update and improve lighting for the Front Monuments, Front Center Island, Guard House and long island, and the Tree House Island.  Conduit is recommended for running the new wiring. 


Fritz will have more details with updated figures at the next meeting.


President’s Report

Bob Capo referred to several complaints he has received regarding the landscaping situation at the end of Starling Drive in the Villas at Eagles Point.  Bob asked Truman Menefee, President of the VEP Association, to give the Board information on the problem.  Truman filled the Board in on the history of the problem and subsequent attempts to correct the situation, without success.


Dolores Ricapito made a motion, second by Bob Capo, for the LMA Board to draft a letter to the President of the Villas at Eagles Point Association requesting immediate action to remove the dead shrubs and vines and re-plant the landscaping.  The letter should note that this is a fire hazard and an eyesore.  The motion passed unanimously.


The President reported on the Drainage Committee meeting, at which Don Smally presented a proposal from Mariotti Asphalt, LLC.  The rough estimate for putting in a drainage system along Landings Lane is up to $21,000.  This system would drain away standing water in that area, helping to eliminate a health hazard.  The Drainage Committee recommended that the cost for the system be divided three (3) ways, with the Homeowners Association paying 1/3, the home owners on Landings Lane paying 1/3, and LMA paying 1/3. 


Larry Spelman stated that LMA has no legal responsibility requiring the Association to contribute financially.  However, in the spirit of cooperation and assistance, Larry feels the LMA should share in the cost of this specific action, given the circumstances.  One third (1/3) of the cost is a modest price to pay.


 A brief discussion ensued by the Board.  It was noted that each situation that comes to the Board must be dealt with individually, on its own merits.


Larry Spelman made a motion, second by Ted Humphrey, that LMA contribute one third (1/3) of the cost of repairing the drainage problem on Landings Lane, not to exceed $7,500 to LMA, if the Homeowners Association and property owners on Landings Lane agree in writing to pay the other two thirds (2/3) of such cost.  The motion passed unanimously.


The President brought up the matter of updating the Landings Directory.  Ordinarily, the new directory is done in March every year.  Because of changes in property managers, the task was not addressed on a timely basis.  The updating of the Directory needs to be accomplished now.  Bob Capo and Dolores Ricapito offered their assistance.


There were 53 residents that had overpaid on their assessments by including late charges and interest with the general assessment payment.  Bob Capo signed checks to reimburse each one of these residents $87.52.


The Phillipi Landings Easement has been recorded and a copy of the easement is on file at Argus Property Management office.  LMA Attorney, Chad McClenathen verified that the Phillipi Landings Association had formed before recording of the easement.


Treasurer’s Report

Ted Humphrey presented the Financial Report.  At this time the Association is $20,000 ahead of budget and looking



Safety and Security Report

Everything appears to be going very well with no complaints, except for the stop sign just inside the front gate.  A suggestion was made to have Ed Ciccolini raise the sign up on the post.


Landscape Committee Report

Fred Stanyer asked when the front wall on the north side of the main entrance was going to be cleaned.  It was suppose to have been done already.  The bill has been paid, so there is question as to whether the job was done properly or the wrong area was cleaned.  The pressure cleaning company will be contacted. 


Landscaping in general is in pretty good shape.  The most important thing at the moment is keeping everything watered.


Roads and Drainage Committee

No Report


Lakes Committee

No Report


Nature Trail Committee

No Report


Public Relations Committee

Dee Ricapito is pleased that the pilings will stay in place, even though the pelican carving has been removed from Landings Blvd., at Lake 4.


Old Business



New Business




Ray Rakoff made a motion, second by Fred Stanyer, to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 P.M.  The motion passed unanimously.   The next meeting is scheduled for August 5, 2004.


Respectfully Submitted,



Ken Evans, Acting Secretary