The Landings Management Association, Inc.
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
April 4, 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Spellman and a Quorum was determined. Present were:
Larry Spellman, Fred Stanyer, Don Smally, Dee Ricapito, Dennis Ziemann, Ken Lucas, Jerry McFadden, Robert Capo
and Eli Chatson constituting a quorum. Also present were Jim Faix of Argus Property Management, Inc. Mike Kagan
of Aquagenex, Paul Semenec of Sarasota County Resource Protection Service and approximately 9 homeowners.

A motion was made and second to appoint Jim Faix as Acting Secretary for the meeting. The motion was passed

Approval of Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting and the organizational Meeting of March 7, 2002.

A motion was made by Ken Lucas, second by Don Smally, to allow Homeowner's Association to install the park
bench along the eastern lake bank of Lake #1 at their own expense, subject to approval of the Landscape
Committee and subject to approval regarding the placement of the bench by Aquagenix so that they can access
the lake with their boat. The Motion passed unanimously.

Hearing no objections, the minutes of the Bard of Directors meeting of March 7, 2002 were approved as amended.

President's Report -- Mr. Spellman reported that he had received a letter from Mr. Ben R. Mayne of Eagles Point
Circle regarding the condition of the littoral shelf of the lake in their community. Mr. Mike Kagan of Aquagenix and
Mr. Paul Semenec of Sarasota County Resource Protection discussed this littoral shelf area with the residents and
answered their questions.

Treasurer's Report -- Bob Capo presented the Treasurer's Report and reported that the Association is under budget
year to date.

Jim Faix presented the Manager's Report. (A copy of the Manager's Report is attached and made part of these
minutes as Exhibit A).

Ken Lucas, Safety and Security Committee, reported that he looked at the intersection of Landings Blvd. and
Kestral Parkway South at a homeowner's request and determined at a second street light at that intersection
was unnecessary. Reflectors have been added at the intersection to increase the visibility for people making
that turn.

Mr. Lucas also reported that hiring a part time college student to paint the nose end of each island has
accelerated the painting of the curbs. Reflectors are also being added to the nose ends of the islands.

All the gate arms in the community now have a rubber bumper strip added to the underside of the gate arm.
Should a car strike a descending gate arm, minimal damage will result to the gate arm or the vehicle.

Mr. Lucas also reported that some of the older security equipment has failed. A new digital recorder has been
ordered as well as a new monitor. In addition, the interior of the guardhouse has been painted and a new
floor installed.

dMr. Lucas reported on the barking dog situation. Members of the community and his committee concluded that
the LMA documents do not adequately provide for a remedy, but the condo or homeowner's documents do.
He recommends that an amendment to the LMA rules or documents would be in order. Larry Spellman
will examine the language in the LMA documents and rules and prepare language for rule change.

Fred Stanyer, Landscape Committee , reported that the large traffic island near the main entrance has been
replanted and irrigation improved along that area. Since he is over budget in his line item, this will be the last of
the landscaping till June.

Don Smally, Roads and Drainage Committee, reported that the roads are ready to be paved, provided that all
of the paperwork is finished. The project could start in as little as a week or as many as 3 or 4 weeks away. He
and the manager canvassed the roads and made a list and map of potholes to be repaired. Anderson Asphalt
will be doing the repairs.

Mr. Smally also reported that many of the storm sewers are filling with sediment and are in need of cleaning.
Anderson Asphalt has provided a proposal to provide this service. He recommends that this project commence
immediately, but not to spend more than $20,000 on the project. A motion was madeby Don Smally, second by
Ken Lucas to engage Anderson Asphalt to clean out the storm sewers in The Landings at a price not to exceed
$20,000. The motion was passed unanimously.

Jerry McFadden, Lakes Committee, indicated that his report was covered in the lake discussion held earlier in the

Dee Ricapito, Public Relations Committee, reported that Mr. Starr, publisher of The Landings Eagle, would like the
option to produce two more issued (totaling 10). If possible, Mr. Starr feels, he can make up to revenue from
advertisers and would forgo his $500 per issue fee. LMA would be responsible for the cost of printing and
postage only for the two additional issues if published. The motion was made by Dee Ricapito, second by Don
Smally to give the Editor the option to increase the publication if advertising permits to 10 issues this year.
The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business -- none

New Business -- none

Adjournment -- Next meeting is scheduled for May 2, 2002. 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
James M. Faix, Acting Secretary, Dee Ricapito, Public Relations