The Landings Management Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

April 6, 2006


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Bob Capo at 7:00 PM at the Landings Racquet Club, 5350 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida.


Determination of Quorum

Present were Bob Capo, Bill Whitman, Ted Humphrey, Dee Ricapito, John Newcomer, Don Smally and Fred Stanyer constituting a quorum.  Jerry McFadden and Richard Bayless were absent.  Also present were Jim Faix and George Neil of Argus Property Management, Inc. and 10 members.


Confirmation of Proper Meeting Notice

The notice was posted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.


Appointment of Acting Secretary

A motion was made and second to appoint Jim Faix as Acting Secretary for the meeting.

The motion passed unanimously.


Approval of Minutes of March 2, 2006 meeting.


In the absence of objection, the minutes of March 2, 2006 were approved.


Presidentís Report

Bob Capo reported the painting of the boundary wall was underway.  Stucco repairs are being made to the wall behind Landings South 5.  The long part of the wall behind Landings South 5 will not be painted since too much vegetation would need to be removed to accomplish this. 


Treasurerís Report

Ted Humphrey reported that as of the February financial statement, there is a $10,000 surplus.  Also as of that statement, there were 97 owners who still have not paid their assessment.


Safety and Security Committee

Bill Whitman reported that some of the lighting within the Landings could be improved.  Also, the bar code installation went well and thanked Richard Mayo, and John Newcomer for their help.  He also thanked the entire LMA board for participating in the installation process.  He also noted and thanked those LHA board members who assisted in the process.


Landscaping Committee

Fred Stanyer reported all of the spring planting has been completed and that all is well.


Roads and Drainage Committee

Don Smally reported that the combined price of the engineering and road proposal that has been received ($93,635.30) would be over this yearís budget.


A motion was made by Ted Humphrey, second by John Newcomer to approve the proposal to pave Landings Boulevard at $93,635.30 and the president is authorized to sign the contract.

The motion was approved unanimously.


Don Smally also reported that the pond behind Landings Treehouse which most of the drainage from the Landings enters is filling in and may need attention.  At the exit end of the pond, mangroves are overgrowing and blocking the flow of storm water from leaving the Landings.  This may be a cooperative project with Landings Treehouse to resolve this problem.


Lakes Committee

Bob Capo reported on behalf of Jerry McFadden that a trapper has been called to remove an alligator from o0ne of the lakes.

Public Relations Committee

Dee Ricapito would like to host a round table discussion of presidents within the Landings.  Suggested ideas for topics of discussion would be included in the Landings Eagle.


A motion was made by Dee Ricapito, second by Don Smally to host a round table discussion for the association presidents and/or his designates.  The cost of the event not to exceed $200.

The motion was approved unanimously.


Old Business



New Business

Kayak Rack

Mr. Larry Freeman addressed the Board requesting that the current observation platform midway down the nature trail be converted into kayak storage.  The construction of the rack would be funded by individuals and would be constructed to meet wind loads and other requirements.  He says he has obtained the approval of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to construct the storage rack using the same footprint of the existing platform. (A copy of the request is attached hereto and made a part of these minutes as Exhibit A)


A motion was made by John Newcomer, second by Bob Capo to table this discussion until the next meeting to gather additional input from the Landings Eagle and by the other board members who are not present at this meeting.


In favor of the motion were Bill Whitman, John Newcomer, Bob Capo and Fred Stanyer.  Against the motion were Dee Ricapito, Ted Humphrey and Don Smally.  The motion carried.


Street Lighting

A discussion took place regarding one residentís request for additional street lighting to be added to existing street lighting at the corner of Landings Boulevard and Kestral Parkway South.  Jim Faix and Bob Capo went to the site to investigate the feasibility of adding a second streetlight.  While there, the owner of the home on the corner where the proposed street light would be mounted voiced her objections to the installation of the light and wrote a letter to the president of LMA to that effect. (A copy of the residentís letter is attached hereto and made a part of these minutes as Exhibit B).  The consensus of the Board is that the use of reflectors to better identify the intersection would be a better use of the association resources.


Bank Resolution

A bank resolution was presented by management to identify authorizes signers and to continue to use Peoples Community Bank as the bank of deposit.


A motion was made by Bob Capo, second by Bill Whitman to approve the bank resolution as presented.

The motion passed unanimously.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for May 4, 2006.


Respectfully submitted,



James M. Faix, Acting Secretary