Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

August 3, 2006


Call to Order


Bob Capo called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM at the Landings Racquet Club, 5350 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida.


Determination of Quorum


Present were Bob Capo, Dee Ricapito, Bill Whitman, Ted Humphrey and Fred Stanyer constituting a quorum. John Newcomer joined the meeting in progress.  Also present were George Niel of Argus Property Management, Inc., and Irwin Starr of the Landings Eagle.


Confirmation of Proper Meeting Notice


The notice was posted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.


Appointment of Acting Secretary


A motion was made and seconded to appoint George Niel as Acting Secretary for the meeting.

The motion passed unanimously.


Approval of Minutes of July 6, 2006 Board Meeting.


On a motion by Dee Ricapito seconded by Bill Whitman the minutes were unanimously approved.


President’s Report:


 The President opened a discussion concerning the formation of a new committee to be named “The Natural Asset Committee” it was determined that no official action was taken however “Natural Assets” will be added to the Agenda under Committee Reports and that further discussion would be tabled until the next regular Board Meeting.


The President asked the Manager for an update on replacing Ed Ciccolini who had recently retired. The Manager reported that he and Richard Mayo should have two applications from two individuals who had expressed interest in the maintenance position. The Manager asked for Board approval to run an ad in the local newspaper if these two individuals did not work out. The Board gave approval for a three (30-day ad.


The President reported that he had a meting with two Board members and the Manager (who is also the Manager of LMA) from Carriagehouse concerning their lake and whose responsibility it was to repair a failing bulkhead.


It was determined at that meeting that Carriagehouse Condominium Association was responsible to make the repairs.


The President reported that he has received a letter of resignation, from Ted Humphrey, the Association’s Treasurer because he is moving to Colorado.


The Board accepted his resignation with regret and thanked Mr. Humphrey for his past services. The President said that he would fill in for the Treasurer until a new Treasurer could be appointed.


Treasurer’s Report:


Ted Humphrey reported that Security was over Budget and would probably remain over because of some additional security issues in the early part of the year that were not Budgeted for. However after the first six months the Association is $34,000.00 in the black but to keep in mind that the re-paving invoice, which is around $85,000.00, has not been paid as of the June 30, 2006 report.


Safety and Security Committee:


Bill Whitman reported tat he had approved the purchase of a new desk at the front gate.


He also reported that he had a request from Richard Mayo to be reimbursed for the personal use of his car around the Landings because of the ever-increasing fuel costs. After a discussion Bill Whitman made a motion seconded by Ted Humphrey to reimburse Richard mayo at the rate of $25.00 per week to be paid monthly with a separate reimbursement check. After further discussion the Board voted unanimously to approve Richard Mayo’s request.


John Newcomer then made a motion seconded by Bill Whitman to start the reimbursement starting September 1, 2006. Motion passed unanimously.


Bill Whitman reported that when the North gate was in its closed position there was a gap large enough for someone on a bike to ride through. After a discussion Bill Whitman said that he would have the gate repaired so that there would be no gap after to gate would be in it’s closed position.


He also reported that Ray Simmers had repaired the bracket that holds the South gate card reader.


He also requested that when the 2007 budget process starts that there should be enough money to install a DSL line so the main gate could communicate with the other gates and cameras in a more efficient manner.


He also reported that the new green color bar code was still not working properly at the North gate and is being worked on.


Landscaping Committee:


Fred Stanyer reported that the main irrigation well might need to be replaced because it had been reconstituted some time ago and that it would not be advisable to do that again. He further reported that if this become necessary the well should be replaced with three wells one in the North, one in the South and one in the middle.


The results on a saline test performed on the existing well have not been received as yet.


A tree request was given Board approval.


Roads and Drainage Committee:


In the absence of Don Smally the manager gave the Road and Drainage report:


The Manager reported that he had contacted Minder & Associates to inspect the paving work preformed by Marriotti the report is As follows:


There are several low spots that are holding water and two manholes that need to be raised; they (Minder) are recommending that the Association pay 90% of Marriotti’s invoice. The Manager reported that he had talked to Don Smally and he recommended that the Association pay 80% and continue to hold the $5,000.00 check given by Marriotti in lieu of a security bond.


After a discussion the Board decided to follow Don Smally’s recommendation and pay 80% of Marriotti’s invoice and continue to hold the $5,000.00 check until all of the repairs have been completed to the satisfaction of the Board.


Dee Ricapito expressed concern as to the Roads And Drainage Committee after Don Smally resigns from the Board and moves out of the Landings. A discussion followed and some thoughts were that maybe Don Smally could be retained as a paid consultant or perhaps the Association would need to hire a professional person to take Don Smally’s place. No specific action was taken.


Lakes Committee:


In the absence of Jerry McFadden Bob Capo gave the Lake Committee Report:


He reported that the pump in Lake three was cleaned and is now operable.


He also reported that Aquagenix needed boat access to Lake number one in order to do routine maintenance work.

However, there is some problem with a homeowner/renter giving access permission. It was determined after a discussion that the Association did not need specific permission for that access and decided to grant Aquagenix access wherever they (Aquagenix) felt would be the best place.


The President said that both of the lake issues would put the Association over Budget but it is work that needs to be done.


Nature Trail:


The President said that there was no report.


Public Relations Committee:


 A discussion concerning the Green Book then took lace. In the Absence of Richard Bayles Bill Whitman reported that everything was on schedule and that the Manager and Marie from Argus Management were being very helpful and cooperative in during the information gathering process. 


A discussion took place on how to tract new owners, which has always been difficult, there were several suggestion, however no specific action was taken.


Old Business:


 There was no old business discussed.


 New Business:


The President opened a discussion concerning the small balances owed by some owners; it was decided to remove all balances that were under $50.00.


Bill Whitman made a motion seconded by John Newcomer to hold a luncheon in honor of Ed Ciccolini and his many years of service to the Association motion passed unanimously.


Details will be worked out at and passed on to all of the Board members. Irwin Starr said that he would attend and take pictures and write an article to be published in a future issue of The Landings Eagle.




The meeting on a motion by Bob Capo seconded by John Newcomer was adjourned at 8:29 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 7, 2006.


Respectfully submitted,



George Niel, Acting Secretary