The Landings Management Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

January 5, 2006


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Bob Capo at 7:00 PM at the Landings Racquet Club, 5350 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida.


Determination of Quorum

Present were Bob Capo, Cliff Truitt, Ted Humphrey, Ray Rakoff, Jerry McFadden, Dee Ricapito, John Newcomer, and Fred Stanyer constituting a quorum.  Don Smally was absent.  Also present were Jim Faix and George Neil of Argus Property Management, Inc. and 20 members.


Confirmation of Proper Meeting Notice

The notice was posted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.


Appointment of Acting Secretary

A motion was made and second to appoint Jim Faix as Acting Secretary for the meeting.

The motion passed unanimously.


Approval of Minutes of December 1, 2005 Board Meeting


A motion was made by Bob Capo, second by John Newcomer to approve the minutes of December 1, 2005.

The motion passed unanimously.


Presidentís Report

Bob Capo reported that there will be two main projects this year besides the annual paving project.   These being painting a portion of the boundary wall and work on the drainage problem within the old Eagle Nest Area.


Bob Capo also reported that Ed Meltz from Landings South IV wished to address the Board regarding adding a stop sign to an intersection.


Mr. Meltz had indicated that the intersection of Landings Blvd. and Starling Dr. has a blind spot caused by a landscape berm with shrubbery on top of it.  He requested that the LMA Board give consideration to adding a stop sign along Landings Blvd. to slow vehicles down as they approach Starling Drive.  His association will trim the bushes on top of the Landscape berm. (A copy of the photos of the intersection are attached hereto and made a part of these minutes as Exhibit A).


Treasurerís Report

Ted Humphrey reported that November was in the black which will help reduce the deficit.


Safety and Security Committee

John Newcomer reported that contractor requested a 20% down payment for the installation of the new bar code readers and camera equipment.  He is also working on a procedure for distributing the bar codes to the residents..


Landscaping Committee

Fred Stanyer reported that mulching has begun in the landscaped areas and he has replaced a few plants.


Roads and Drainage Committee

No report.


Lakes Committee

Jerry McFadden reported that light bulbs have been replaced at the fountains at the lakes.  Three of the fountains need to be replaced.  The control box at lake 8 was vandalized and needs to be replaced.  A new plastic electrical box has been ordered.


Public Relations Committee

Dee Ricapito reported that several positive comments were received regarding the new posts and ropes.  She also reported that the LRC offers programs available to all of the Landings residents which include a book club, movie night, computer club, flyboy club, yoga, water aerobics, massage classes, tennis lessons, bridge, Landoliers and more.


Old Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for February 2, 2006.


Respectfully submitted,



James M. Faix, Acting Secretary