The Landings Management Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

March 2, 2006


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Bob Capo at 7:00 PM at the Landings Racquet Club, 5350 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida.


Determination of Quorum

Present were Bob Capo, Bill Whitman, Ted Humphrey, Richard Bayless, Jerry McFadden, Dee Ricapito, John Newcomer, Don Smally and Fred Stanyer constituting a quorum.  Also present were Jim Faix and George Neil of Argus Property Management, Inc. and 10 members.


Confirmation of Proper Meeting Notice

The notice was posted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.


Appointment of Acting Secretary

A motion was made and second to appoint Jim Faix as Acting Secretary for the meeting.

The motion passed unanimously.


Approval of Minutes of February 2, 2006 Board Meeting and February 2, 2006 Organizational Meeting


In the absence of objection, both sets of minutes were approved.


President’s Report

Bob Capo reported that Ben Main would like to address the Board.


Mr. Main addressed the Board regarding the maintenance of mangroves behind Eagles Point Circle.  He would like to know if the LMA Board would consider leasing or selling four segments of mangrove areas to the four associations on Eagles Point Circle.  If this were to happen, the four associations would be able to have the right to maintain the mangroves.  The LMA Board so far has no objection to this and the matter will be discussed at a future meeting.  Any expense, legal or otherwise, would need to be paid by the four associations seeking this transaction.


Manager’s Report


Jim Faix reported that the wall painting project would begin on March 22.  A notice has been placed in each owner’s mailbox who borders the wall to clear the vegetation from wall or it won’ be cleaned or painted.  In addition, the dates to install bar codes have been established and the information has been given to the Landings Eagle for publication.  A letter will also is being sent all of the owners.


A discussion took place regarding painting the remainder of the wall using the general reserve funds in addition to the budgeted funds.


A motion made by Dee Ricapito, second by Don Smally to continue painting the balance of the wall around the lake at a cost not to exceed $15,000 for the additional painting.

The motion passed unanimously.


A motion was made by Richard Bayles, second by Ted Humphrey to utilize funds from the general reserve to pay for the additional painting with funds to be replaced in the 2007 Budget.

The motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report

Ted Humphrey reported that January within $1,000 of budget.


Safety and Security Committee

John Newcomer reported that teams of volunteers would be needed to help install bar codes.  He is counting on all Board members to help.  Saturday will be added to the available dates to get bar codes.  He also reported that the gatehouse at the north entrance would be cleaned out.

Landscaping Committee

Fred Stanyer reported it is time to cut in the Eagle Nest Area but doesn’t want to do it except for the invasive trees and plants.  He reported that the front gate area has been replanted with begonias.


Roads and Drainage Committee

Don Smally reported that the road plans are not ready yet and that they may be ready by the April meeting.


Lakes Committee

Jerry McFadden reported an alligator has taken up residence in the lakes.  A trapper has been called.  He also reported that the fountain in Lake 8 would be having a major overhaul.


Public Relations Committee

Dee Ricapito thanked the Board for participating in the “New Comer” party.  Good reports were received regarding the LMA and the LRC.  She proposed a social gathering for the presidents of the Associations such as a “President’s Club” consisting of the presidents of each association within the Landings.  The thought is to inspire cohesion and accessibility to each other.  Wine and cheese would be served at the event.


Old Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for April 6, 2006.


Respectfully submitted,



James M. Faix, Acting Secretary