The Landings Management Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

May 3, 2007


Call to Order


Bob Capo called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Landings Racquet Club, 5350 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida.


Determination of Quorum


Present were Bob Capo, Dolores (Dee) Ricapito, Bill Whitman, Dick Bayles, John Newcomer, Henry Rhodes, Larry Spelman and Jerry McFadden constituting a quorum. Also present was George Niel of Argus Property Management, Inc., Irwin Starr of The Landings Eagle, Ben Mayne Chairman of the Landscape Committee and about fifteen homeowners.


Confirmation of Proper Meeting Notice


The notice was posted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.


Appointment of Acting Secretary


A motion was made and seconded to appoint George Niel as Acting Secretary for the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


Approval of Minutes of April 5, 2007 Board Meeting.


There was one correction to the April 5, 2007 minutes: (deletion by strike through and addition by underline)


                Line 29:


               The President reported that it was Dick Morris Robert Morris who was instrumental in putting in the     

                landscaping which softened the appearance.


On a motion by Bill Whitman and seconded by Henry Rhodes the minutes were unanimously accepted after the correction was made.


Larry Spelman wanted it noted, that the general letter, which, was sent to all homeowners in “The Landings”, should have stated that the Board implemented the following improvements, which were recommended by the Security Committee.


President’s Report:


The President reported that the North wall except for one small section has been painted as per the contract with Gulfside Painting.  He also reported that there was an additional expense of $1,145.00 because of some unknown damage that needed to be repaired before the painting could be completed.


The President stated that he had received a letter from the County advising the Association that in the event of severe storm damage there is now a FEMA program to help Associations at no charge to clean up debris caused by a severe storm.


Bill Whitman reported that at this point in time there are only about four remote controls that operate the gates and in the near future those will be replaced with bar codes.


The President reported that Truman Menefee, President of Eagles Point Circle reported that the Association at their expense was going to extend the wall at the South Gate to the end of the Eagles Point Circle in order to shield streetlights.


Bob Greenfield and Jack Jost gave a report on the drainage project at the Nature Area, which is attached to the minutes as Exhibit “A”.


At the end of the report, Jack Jost asked the Board for authorization to spend up to $5,000.00 to do the necessary engineering that will be required before County permits could be issued.


Henry Rhodes made a motion, seconded by Dick Bayles to approve the expenditure, motion passed unanimously.


Irwin Starr, Editor and Publisher asked and was given information to be published in the next issue of “The Landings Eagle”.



Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer reported that to date the Association was slightly under budget but had some concerns about future expenses that may put the Association over budget.


It was decided to no longer incorporate his “Rolling Forecast” as an exhibit to the minutes.


Committee Reports:


Safety and Security:


Bill Whitman reported that the key pad entry unit at the South Gate has been turned off to prevent un-authorized entry into “The Landings”.  He also reported that the hours at the South Gate were extended to 11:00 PM.


Bill Whitman also reported that the cameras that were damaged at the North and South Gate had been repaired and are now operating.


Bill Whitman advised that there are new people at the guardhouse and if anyone encounters any problems or concerns, they should contact him or the Manager, George Niel of Argus Property Management, Inc.


Bill Whitman also asked everyone to observe the speed limit and stop at the stop signs throughout the community.


A discussion arose about the enforcement procedures available to the Board.  After the discussion, Larry Spelman and John Newcomer said that they would review the enforcement procedure and make recommendations to the Board at a future meeting.


An owner was recognized by the chair and expressed concerns about noise from “teenagers” and some vandalism.


After a discussion, it was decided that this was a problem that should be addressed by the owners local Association and not the Master Association.  The Board also advised the owner that an option would be to call the Sheriff’s Department.


Landscaping Report:


Ben Mayne reported that he was well pleased with the new irrigation company; Hostetler Irrigation and most of the irrigation problems have been solved, however there were a few issues that still needed to be addressed. 


He then presented to the Board, a plan for the big island and additional landscaping at the North Gate.  The cost of the plan being $5,705.00 the Board gave their approval for the expenditure.


Ben Mayne said that within the next few weeks he would be going north and when he returns he intends to investigate the possibility of getting a grant from the County to rid the Association of the exotic.


Dee Ricapito asked Ben Mayne to caution Rabers Landscaping to be more careful when driving through the community so that their vehicles don’t mark the curbing.  Ben Mayne said that there are many landscaping companies coming into The Landings and thought that Rabers is one of the more careful of the landscapers who come into The Landings.


Roads and Drainage Committee:


Larry Spelman, stated that the” Landings Nature Area” had already been discussed.


He reported that Minder and Associates had started the engineering on the 2007 road project and needed to have the President sign their contract. A discussion arose again about the lack of bids for the 2007 road project and the Board explained that because of past relationship with Mariotti and Minder the Board determined that seeking additional bids would not be beneficial. The President said that he would sign the contracts.


Larry Spelman reported that he and the Manager was to inspect a drainage problem that an owner reported but to date had not done so, Therefore it was decided that he and the Manager would go to the site evaluate the problem and make a report at the next regular meeting.


Lakes Committee:


Jerry McFadden reported that all was well with the Association lakes at this time.  The Manager asked Jerry McFadden to call Marian Hazlakiewicz, Board member of Carriagehouse as he had some questions about the Association’s lakes.


Nature Trail:


The President asked that the Nature Trail committee be combined with the landscaping report and  eliminated from the agenda.  The Board agreed.


Public Relation Committee:


In the absence of Katherine (Katy) Leidel, Dolores (Dee) Ricapito gave the following report:


She stated that speaking for the Public Relations committee, the guards at the gatehouse should be better dressed (possibly white shirts). She also said that the committee was working on the community book and the committee was also in favor of enforcement of the traffic rules.


Old Business:




New Business:


Henry Rhodes reported that he, the Manager and the various insurance agencies were reviewing the current insurance package.


A discussion arose concerning the “Landings Nature Area” and whether or not it should be mowed.  The pros and cons were discussed; however no official action was taken.




A discussion arose concerning whether or not to hold a July Board meeting. Larry Spelman made a motion seconded by Henry Rhodes to cancel the July Board meeting. The vote was split four for and four against, motion failed.


The meeting on a motion by Henry Rhodes and seconded by Dick Bayles was adjourned at 8:38 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 7, 2007 @ 7:00PM.


Respectfully submitted,



George Niel, Acting Secretary