The Landings Management Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

April 7, 2005



Call to Order

Chairman Bob Capo called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Landings Racquet Club, 5350 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida.


Determination of Quorum

Present were Bob Capo, John Newcomer, Jerry McFadden, Ray Rakoff, Dee Ricapito, Don Smally, Fred Stanyer, and Cliff Truitt, constituting a Quorum.


Also present were, Irwin Starr of the Landings Eagle, Mike Getz of Strategic Building / Concepts & Consulting, Walter Hammerling of Argus Property Management, Inc., and a sizable audience.


Confirmation of Proper Meeting Notice

The notice was posted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association and requirements of Florida Statutes.


North Gatehouse Project

            At this time Mr. Capo introduced Fritz Drybrough. Mr. Drybrough reported that plans for the renovation of the north gatehouse have been revised since the last meeting. The garage door on the east side has been reconfigured to a double swing door on the west side. Also, the addition of pouring a solid concrete floor throughout, rather than leaving the existing paver bricks in place, would raise the cost by more than $2,000. After making inquiry of county building officials, Mike Getz, the contractor, said there would be no need to bring the existing building up to current codes, as it is considered to be an unoccupied structure. The only requirement to meet current code is to the proposed additions.

            There was then much lively discussion with members of the audience, many of whom expressed their concerns with the cost, the necessity of additional storage space, and the aesthetic quality of the project. Mr. Capo advised the audience the proposal was still under study, that there are many options yet to consider, and that no decision would be made before the next meeting.

            It was agreed by the Board that a rendering of the project would be developed in order to facilitate a better understanding of the visual concepts. It was also decided that Mrs. Ricapito would meet with Mr. Drybrough and Mr. Getz to discuss all the aesthetic options available.


Approval of Minutes of March 3, 2005 Board Meeting

A motion was made by Mr. Stanyer and seconded by Mr. Rakoff to waive the reading of the minutes to approve them as written. The motion passed unanimously.


Presidents Report (Bob Capo)

·   Preserve Area: We requested a correction to the County’s Notice of Violation regarding unauthorized work done in the preserve area. The original notice stated that a violation occurred on “your property, or property on which your company has performed work.” The LMA does not own property in the preserve area. The violation actually occurred on property belonging to Landings South VII, behind building 1780. The County representative, Todd Hershfeld, agreed to re-issue the notice, and because it is a new notice the deadline changes to April 9th, rather than March 22nd, as was stated in the original.

·   Phillipi Landings: We contacted Robert Morris the developer of Phillipi Landings regarding some work he had done along the back wall of the Landings along Phillipi Shores Drive. We told him we were never informed of the work, and would appreciate prior notice in the future. He apologized and agreed to notify us before any more work occurred. During the conversation he asked about the possibility of using our irrigation supply to install a low-volume watering system for the plantings in that area, and would the Board give its permission to do so?

After some discussion, the consensus of the Board was that there needed to be further investigation of the ramifications of this use of the irrigation system before consenting.

·   Nature Trail: We received an estimate to fix a perpetually muddy section of the nature trail behind the Cloisters which runs low along the mangroves. The work would entail the installation 40 cubic yards of shell. The cost of the work will be $1,350. With the Board’s permission we will proceed.

After some discussion, it was agreed to proceed with the repair.

·   Golf Carts: A question from one of the associations was asked in regards to allowing golf carts on the property. There is currently no rule prohibiting their use. Mr. Capo asked if the Board wanted to consider the question at this time.

After some discussion, with the consensus leaning toward prohibiting them, the Board decided to contact the attorney regarding the legal ramifications of either prohibiting or allowing golf carts in the community.

·   Racquet Club Requests: We received a request from the Racquet Club to use lake water for irrigation because their well water is becoming saline and beginning to cause problems for them. This would require careful study before any consideration would be given.

A tractor, which was originally purchased by LMA, is being stored in back of the Racquet Club, and they requested that it be removed. After discussion regarding its current condition and usefulness, and various options, a motion was made by Mr. Smally, and seconded by Mr. Stanyer to donate it to a worthy cause. The motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report (Ted Humphrey)

            In Mr. Humphrey’s absence, Chairman Capo remarked that we are currently running a surplus of about $10,000, but that it is still early in the year, with several projects yet to complete. It was noted by Mr. Rakoff that an additional $8,000 never made it into the 2005 budget to cover the expense of necessary refurbishment of the gates.


Safety and Security (John Newcomer)

            Mr. Rakoff and I met with Richard Mayo, head of Landings Security, and representatives of the Homeowners Association, who had expressed concern over unauthorized people gaining access through the gates. Mr. Mayo explained that there had been a high rate of turnover in security personnel provided by the contractor recently, and there were training issues to deal with. Mr. Mayo assured us that he is training new personnel as quickly as possible, but in the process some mistakes would be made. There has also been some breakdown in communication from residents, such as proper notification of access authorization, and rescinding that authorization. We believe that the situation will improve as new people gain experience.


Landscape (Fred Stanyer)

            Mr. Stanyer requested permission from the Board to proceed with the repair to the preserve area, pending approval from Mr. Hershfeld of the County. A motion was made by Mr. Smally and seconded by Mr. Stanyer to approve the expense of $2,030 and to proceed with the repair. The motion passed unanimously.

            Mr. Stanyer informed the Board of the committee’s intention to buy and install three Areca Palms at $385 each along the wall at the south gate, in order to help alleviate the view into the marina from the affected residents in that area.


Roads and Drainage (Don Smally)

            Mr. Smally reported that the paving and drainage project was delayed due to problems with both the engineer and the contractor. The project will begin next week (the week of April 11th).


Lakes (Jerry McFadden)

            Mr. McFadden reported that all the lakes were inspected, and treated for algae. If there is any concern for lingering algae, people need to give the chemicals time to work. Also, light bulbs and nozzles in all the fountains were replaced as needed.


Social Committee (Dee Ricapito)

            Mrs. Ricapito announced a Brainstorming Session to be held on April 18th at 2:30PM at the Lakeside patio. The event is intended to explore and exchange a variety of ideas for “making the Landings a more friendly and sociable community.” All residents are invited to participate and share their views. (See attachment.)


New Business

            Mr. Rakoff reported receiving a request from the homeowner at 1699 Landings Lane to replace the wooden posts and rope fencing adjacent to his property. Manager Ditch was instructed to facilitate the replacement.

Mr. Rakoff further reported that on the east side of Landings Boulevard between Heron Way and Kestral Park South there are continual ruts from trucks and other vehicles running off the road at that point. After some discussion, it was decided to install posts and rope fencing to discourage further damage.



A motion was made by Mr. Smally and seconded by Mr. Rakoff to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,






Ron Ditch, Recording Secretary