The meeting was called to order by President Larry Spelman and a Quorum was Determined.

Present were Larry Spelman, Ray Rakoff, Fred Stanyer, Don Smally, Dee Ricapito, Jerry McFadden and Bob Capo constituting a quorum. Eli Chatson was absent. Also present were Jim Faix of Argus Property Management, Inc. and 3 unit owners. Proper meeting notice was posted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association and Florida Statutes.

The Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of May 2, 2002 were approved. In his Presidentís Report, Larry Spelman nominated Ted Humphrey to fill the un-expired term of Director Dennis Ziemann, who resigned after the last meeting. His term will run until February 2004. The President will be leaving for the summer but will return for the August and September meetings. There will be no meeting in July. The President mistakenly allowed an estate sale to take place in the Landings and is publishing a statement regarding that issue. A motion was made by Ray Rakoff, second by Don Smally to notify the Guardhouse personnel that there shall be no estate sales in the community. The motion was unanimously approved.

Bob Capo presented the Treasurerís Report. The surplus that is shown in the April statement will be consumed in May due to the payment of the paving project for Peregrine Point Drive and for the storm sewer cleanout project.

Jim Faix presented the Management Report. The claim proposals for vehicle damage by owner Eli Chatson caused by malfunctioning entry gate was reviewed. A motion was made by Ted Humphrey, second by Bob Capo to reimburse Eli Chatson for vehicle damage at the sum of $389.13. Motion passed unanimously. Secondly, it was noted the payoff of the lease for the 1997 Toyota pick-up truck used by LMA for maintenance is $6,000. A motion was made by Ted Humphrey, second by Bob Capo to bay off the vehicle lease. The motion passed unanimously.

Fred Stanyer reported on the Landscape Committee that the geraniums have been planted and that the Eagle Preserve will have the grass cut in the next few days.

Don Smally reported on the Roads and Drainage Committee that the plans for the road project and the storm sewer cleanout project have been completed. He will soon be reviewing the list of roads to be resurfaced next year.

Jerry McFadden reported that all of the fountains and lights are working in the lakes at this time. Lake #9 will have some aquatic plants transplanted closer to the outfalls and that he will be renaming the lakes from numbers to names of Florida birds. No report was given on the Nature Trail.

Dee Ricapito, Public Relations reported the Eagle website is up and running. (www.LandingsEagle.com). The original website was unsatisfactory and would like to discontinue in favor of this one. The cost is $15.00 per month for an LMA page associated with the website. A motion was made by Dee Ricapito, second by Jerry McFadden to join in with the Landings Eagle website in accordance with the proposal as submitted by Mr. Starr for $15.00 per month. The motion passed unanimously

No Old Busine ss

New Business -- Proposed Rule Change regarding NUISANCES. Suggestions for resolving situations occurring in one association that is viewed as a nuisance in another association were discussed. Mr. Stanley Lampert, an owner in the Landings, provided a sample of his own version of proposed language for the rule. The consensus of the LMA Board is that association members should first go to their own Board. That Board would approach the neighboring Board to assist in resolving the nuisance between associations.

Adjournment -- The next meeting is scheduled for August 2, 2002

Respectfully Submitted,

James M. Faix, Acting Secretary

Dolores Ricapito, Public Relations